Colored border around PIP ?

Is there any way to add a colored border around a picture-in-picture? I sometimes want to do this with two similar shots in the gym. The two pictures look so similar it can be a bit confusing. If I could put a colored border around the smaller picture, it would be obvious to the viewer that it is from a different camera.

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  • That would be an interesting feature request. Please do fill out the form and request it.
    Wirecast Feature Request

  • There is a simple workaround. Add two solid color layers to your PiP shot and position one behind each shot and make them different colors like this:


  • that option occurred to me after I had posted, but it adds a bit of set-up time to the process. One of my old Matrox boards from about 15 years ago could do this in one step.

  • Do make the feature request with the link I posted previously. I can see the convenience but just letting you know there's a way to do it currently although it takes a bit to setup.

  • Jerel Peterson Jerel, I'm wondering if you made the request last year for an easy border on a layer in Wirecast. I agree it is sort of silly that it's not a one-step thing, really wish I had it about now. They also have had people asking for years for a simple 2D rotation effect, but only offer 3D rotation on the X and Y axis.

  • I've thought the same thing a while ago.  In Photoshop (or GIMP), take a drop shadow layer, and export it as a .png.  You can stretch and shape it as you want to make it fit your source.  You can do the same thing with any color to make a frame.

  • Brian Macc Although these requests may be simple to describe, they actually may be very difficult to implement. The developers are most certainly listening and do examine the code changes that would be needed to implement these features. Sometime they come when multiple changes require similar changes in the coding. Please do make the feature request or follow up if you already have a case number.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • Dan Francis Nice tip. Thanks for that.

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  • Brian Macc   I can't remember if I filled out a request for that or not, and I can't find a way to look through my requests. Dan's suggestion would work well, although it's not quite as simple as one that was 'built-in'.

  • Jerel Peterson Do fill out the request again then. When you fill out a request you'd get an email with a case number. You should save that because it can be used for follow up both on our end and yours.

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