ScreenFlow 9.0 Released November 12, 2019

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Link to PDF Release Notes


9.0 - New Features

What’s New:

Simultaneous Multi-screen Recording – Record multiple screens simultaneously!
● Ever wish you just had more screen real estate for your recordings, or the ability to reference another application in your screen casts without covering up content? Well now you can!
● Easily create beautiful motion affects back and forth between multi-screen recorded content.

Timeline Tools Palette – ScreenFlow 9 adds the Timeline Tools Palette found in other high-end professional non-linear video editors!
● Hand - scroll around the timeline by clicking and dragging with the mouse
● Zoom - click and drag to select a region to zoom in on. If the mouse is clicked once (without drag) zoom into the timeline one "step". If 'Option' is held, the mouse cursor will change to a zoom out
and when clicking the timeline will zoom out one step.
● Blade - When rolling over the timeline, a red line will follow the cursor. If the mouse is clicked, the
timeline will have all clips split at that mouse position
● Track Select - Cursor will change to a right facing arrow in this mode. When clicking on the timeline in this mode, clips will be selected forward of the current selection (from left to right). This is on a track by track basis.

Clip Editor - ScreenFlow 9 adds a new clip editing feature that allows the user to select an individual clip and view it on the left-hand side of the main document user interface.
● From there, the user can preview the video & audio, and perform quick edits to the clip, adding the resulting clip directly to the timeline.

New Click Effects –
• New radar effect, sizing,

Media Proxy - Proxy, a well-known tool found in professional non-linear video editing suites is now in ScreenFlow 9
• When editing large resolution files, or long GOP files that will give any editor a run for its money, a lower resolution variant of the file called a proxy can be made to edit and operate with a more “ideal” format in relation to system resources.
• What does this mean? You can edit and playback more demanding projects on the same machine. Faster!

UVC Capture Card Support
• Looking to ingest a high-quality camera with HDMI or SDI output into ScreenFlow as your camera source? ScreenFlow now works with UVC capture devices!

o Tested Devices:
Elgato CamLink 4k
EpiphanAV.IO SDI
Magewell USB Captured HDMI G1

Manual Media Management –
• Many customers have asked for manual media management so that they can store, manage and re-use content more easily.
• Well, to help those power users, you now have the option during saving to save as a packaged document (includes all your media in the same document package) or, a flat document with manual media management.
• Manual media management will place all of your media files and Stock Media Library downloads in a user accessible location.

Default Canvas Color –
• Not everyone wants their project canvas color to be black.
• Now in ScreenFlow 9, you can set the default color of your canvas for all future projects within ScreenFlow preferences.

Apple Hardened Runtime & Notarization
• ScreenFlow 9 has implemented the new Hardened Runtime and Notarization security implementations within macOS 10.15 Catalina

9.0 - Improvements & Fixes

 ● IMPROVED - Add preference for user to select behavior when double clicking on items in Media Catalog
● IMPROVED - 4K / UHD Canvas & Screen Capture preset
● IMPROVED - Implement thumbnail image cache
● IMPROVED - Increased Thumbnail performance
● IMPROVED - Factor out 'Record Computer Audio' code from the main controller into own class
● IMPROVED - Move scratch disc default from TMP location to another location. This should help with data loss when a project is left open for many days, and macOS performs garbage collection on temp folders.
● IMPROVED - Enable AppleEvent permission workflow in 10.14+
● IMPROVED - iOS recording has shown an OS level intermittent issue. Now, when no frames are detected from the source, a warning will display.

● FIXED - "Save as" will throw saving error when SML present in the project
● FIXED - 10.15: Allow ScreenFlow to capture computer screen prompt causes first recording to be green
● FIXED - 10.15: iOS + Screen or Video recording creates a timeline with an incorrect duration
● FIXED - 10.15: No prompt to allow ScreenFlow to capture screen shows when recording after denying/deselecting option
● FIXED - 10.15: Saving error shows when trying to save a document with an iOS + Screen or Video recording
● FIXED - 10.15: Unable to record iOS devices when iOS device is the only option selected
● FIXED - 10.15: Waveforms show incorrectly when adjusting a clips split point using the rolling edit
● FIXED - Can't save document if any Stock Media Library content added
● FIXED - Demo Welcome Screen does not scroll with canvas when using scroll bars
● FIXED - Denying access to microphone in security settings mutes ability to record computer audio when screen capturing.
● FIXED - Hover over snapping icons there is an extra space after the period and "This".
● FIXED - Internal validation error shows when setting 'Record Audio from' gear option to 301% or
● FIXED - Keyboard Accessibility message appears when not capturing the desktop
● FIXED - Marching ants color hard to read when system set to dark appearance
● FIXED - Option to change the default canvas background color
● FIXED - Radar effect squished when partial Screen Recording (portrait), is added to an existing Doc (landscape)
● FIXED - Runtime Error encountered when undoing a framerate change with 'Command+Z'.
● FIXED - Screen recording action option - transparent cursor background color circle
● FIXED - ScreenFlow 10.14 SDK build randomly crashing after playing back content
● FIXED - ScreenFlow does not stop recording when disk runs out of space
● FIXED - SMPTE preferences only holds for the duration ScreenFlow is open
● FIXED - Stock Media Library 'Learn More' text is not localized
● FIXED - Timing issue with imported jpegs with playback in SF, but not on export
● FIXED - Unable to select the caption gear with a multiple layered timeline
● FIXED - When you select ScreenFlow Help in any 8 version the web page tab that opens shows ScreenFlow 7 Help.
● FIXED - Zoom to Fit will zoom to height but not width of canvas

Known Issues:
● ISSUE – Exports with motion blur leaks memory. On high end machines, this may not be noticed, but on lower end or older machines, it could lock up ScreenFlow. We plan to fix this in a 9.0.1 hotfix as soon as possible.
● ISSUE – Adding a Stock Media Library to the clip editor and then the timeline when you have not purchased the Stock Media Library, will show a catalog error rather than a message to inform you that Stock Media Library requires purchase.

Version 9.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

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