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I'd like to have a feature that would support us in sync external recorded videos with separate (additional) sounds. Mostly I record my video on a cam and a second audio source like a micro and a sound recorder for better sound quality. I'd like to have an option where ScreenFlow would sync the sound from the video with the sound recording.

Or if I use multiple cams I'd like to have the option to let ScreenFlow sync the clips by sound and even the eternal sound as well of course.

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  • You can record separate video and audio at the same in sync. For example, webcam with audio and also USB mic at the same time. Do you mean import and sync separate files already recorded and sync them in Screenflow?

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  • @CraigS  ... here is what I do - I record for example a video incl. audio from an action cam. I additionally use a lavalier microphone and a voice recorder. Now I like to add my video footage and the separate voice track to my project.
    Now both voice tracks need to be aligned (to be in sync). After the alignment the audio from the video footage will be muted so that only the better sound from the lavalier mic is playing.

    Of course I can maximize my timeline and see both wave forms and manually align them to be in sync, however, other video editors do offer an auto alignment.
    So I was wondering if this is a suitable feaure request for ScreenFlow.

    Many thanks for considering.

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  • Joerg Knoerchen Thanks for the workflow description. That's important for the developers to understand the need. Fill out the form and we'll send you a case number to log the request and track user interest in this thread.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Done - do you want me to send the case number?

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  • Joerg Knoerchen Do post the case number here. Thanks.

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  • CraigS Case 00659793

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