Record To Disk Shutoff Timer

I use Wirecast to download legacy video to MJPEG files. The length of each download is known so it would be very helpful if there were a shutoff timer available.

For example, I will start a 2 hour download running and then leave to do other things coming back after 2 hours to shut off the download and start the next. However, there are many times when I cannot return for many hours beyond the 2 hours. A lot of needless blank video is created.

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  • Please explain what you mean by "download." 
    Wirecast can record video or link to a web browser with Web Page or link to a stream with Web Stream but there's no "download" function. Wirecast doesn't download files.

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  • Maybe my terminology is not specific enough. Wirecast is probably overkill for my application but it works nevertheless. I will describe what I am using Wirecast for.

    I duplicate legacy media to the digital domain. Legacy media includes 8mm home movie film, Hi-8 legacy video, 16mm sound film, and the list goes on. The legacy media is played in its original form such as a 16mm sound projector. The image is captured to video and exported through HDMI to a Grass Valley G-1 Anything In to SDI converter. If sound is present it is exported to the G-1 audio input. The G-1 exports the "anything in" video/sound to BNC SDI. The BNC SDI cable connects to an Epiphan Io.avi converter which exports by USB 3.0 to the receiving Xeon E5-2643 V4 Windows 10 computer (32Gb RAM). 

    In Wirecast I invoke the Output dialog where I select to record to MOV. I then pick 1080p30 Best and designate a destination drive. The destination drive is 8Tb RAID0 via a Thunderbolt 2 interface. I designate a video source and audio if applicable.

    I do a <ctrl>K to start recording to disk and then start the 16mm projector rolling.

    For film such as 16mm or 8mm home movies I must attend to the workstation without interruption. However, for video it may play for typically 2 hours and may be left unattended. For these I will set an alarm timer on my personal mobile device and tend to other activities such as going out to dinner or going to bed (with no alarm timer). There are times when several hours of blank video is produced needlessly because I am not able to return to the workstation in a timely fashion.

    I would like to be able to set a timer within Wirecast that will stop the recording to disk at the appointed time.

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  • Wesley Cardone - This function does not exist natively in Wirecast. However, there is an API in Wirecast, that allows start/stop recording from an external application.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Wesley Cardone Got it. So of course you know when the recording should end based on the duration. Ideally you want the recording to end as soon as the video is done.

    There have been a number of people who would like us to consider a scheduling function. Certainly add your support for the feature request.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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