MacBook Pro (2017) - not enough power for 3 cameras????

Hi all,


Just getting my new MacBook Pro setup for streaming and was looking forward to adding 3 capture inputs but have come across a problem where only 2 are recognised at any one time.

I have 2 BM Ultra Studio Mini Recorder and a thunderbolt BM Intensity Pro. I can have 2 Mini Studio's working and Intensity Pro not, or Intensity Pro + 1 Ultrastudio but not all three at once. I have attached the warning that comes up when a third capture input is added. Hoping to get a fix on this asap. 


Thanks for your help in advance.



MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Graphics Radeon Pro 555 2048 MB

Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB

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  • CraigS Tom Meyer thanks for looking into that. I wonder if the hub would support 1 BMD USMR and 1 Magewell HDMI capture. I’ll do some further research. Thanks for the help

  • Derrick Minyard Since each is managed differently (one Thunderbolt and the other USB) that would be an interesting test.

  • With my 2017 MacBook Pro 13" (no touch bar), there is enough power (just) to connect a BMD USMR and two Logitech C920s. The cameras connect via an unpowered Lenovo C107 hub. At the same time the hub is connected to ethernet internet, an audio mixer via the third USB port, and video out via the HDMI port, and Apple laptop power. The BMD is connected to the laptop's other USB-C port via an Apple Lighting to USB-C dongle. However, to avoid getting Apple's dreaded "not enough available power" warning, it's a bit like Apollo 13 – the order you plug them in matters. I start with the BMD via Apple dongle, then then the Lenovo hub, then the cameras one at a time into the hub. I use this admittedly amateur set-up for two weekly shows on FB Live, both of which get thousands of views each week.



  • TFE Yes the 13" MBP has less bus power (and bandwidth) than the 15" model. Good that you found a workaround and noted how to do it. It'll certainly help others.

  • Richard Lee Are you able to connect 2 blackmagic mini recorders into your Elgato thunderbolt 3 dock? I am trying to learn if a thunderbolt 3 dock can support 2 capture card inputs, and if both will be recognized by Wirecast.

  • This thread have given me a lot of usefull info, so just wanted to leave an update on my findings.


    i am running a MacBook Pro 2017. This can run two Blackmagic Ultra Studio HD (with displays).  The MacBook can serve two “high powered” units with up to 15 watts on a first come first served basis (via Thunderbolt 3). Meaning a third UltraStudio Mini HD won’t run (The UltraStudio HD requires between 8-12 watts). 

    However, i just mounted a 2U mobile rack, equipping it with the Sonnett Echo 11 Thunderbolt 3 Dock. This beauty is independently powered and outputs additional 15 watts of power on its included thunderbolt 3 port. 

    All in all i am now running three UltraStudio HD’s on the MacBook smoothly. 

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  • AndersOskar Very good. I think other users will find this of interest for sure.

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