Audio Plugins not available

I'm super excited that Screenflow 7 shows custom UI for Audio plugins, but it's only some of my installed plugins that show up. All from Waves and Native Instruments for example, but none from FabFilter which incidentally are the ones that I really want to be using on the projects I'm working on.

I have all of them installed as Audio Units, VST and VST3.

My specs:

iMac 27" late 2013

macOS Sierra 10.12.6

Screenflow 7.1 (from Mac App Store)

1,9TB free space of 3,11TB



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  • It would be great to have better support for third party Audio Plugins. Which format are the FabFilter plugins in?

    LP  can document the Feature Request for you.

  • Hi Craig,

    All my plug-ins are Audio Unit, VST.


  • Thomas Bryla Which ones aren't showing up though? Some of each?
    My iZotope plugins (AU) show up as well as some of my FXFactory audio plugins.

  • CraigS only my FabFilter don't show up. My iZotopes show up.

  • Thomas Bryla Do you know what the FabFilter plugin technology is AU, VST?

  • CraigS both AU and VST

  • Thomas Bryla Thanks for adding that. It can help the developers investigate compatibility implementation options.

  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

  • LP Thanks for that.

  • CraigS  There is something strange going on with plugins not showing up.  So first I did the trial of Screenflow, and was like awesome, I can use the free Loudmax plugin.  I then buy Screenflow 7 from the App store and now the plugin doesn't show up.  I uninstalled Screenflow and reinstalled the trial and it showed up again.  I then installed from the app store again, and the plugin is gone.  What is going on?  Ability to use plugins was a big draw to buy Screenflow.  I need this to work properly.  See the attached images.

  • J Kong said:
    then buy Screenflow 7 from the App store and now the plugin doesn't show up.

     It's quite possible the App Store terms may impact the use of third party software. Please try the version on our website.

    Since the trial is not from the app store that may well be the case.

  • CraigS What is strange is some of the other plugins work, just not this one.  The trial from your website works right, just not the version from the App store.  Also, the app store version says Screenflow 7 in the title bar, and the trial version just says Screenflow.  When I do about, they both say they are the same version (Version 7.2 (30256)).  How do I get my license key so I can use the copy off the website? Thanks

  • J Kong Because of certain Apple App Store restrictions there are some differences in the programs that involve "sandboxing" (restrictions access certain things outside of ScreenFlow itself) that might affect plugin use.

    Our sales people can help you transfer the license to the web version. Let them know that you've already purchased 7 from the store so it's a cross-grade.

    1. Go to the "App Store"
    2. Select "Purchases" and take a screenshot of your ScreenFlow purchase
    3. Email your screenshot to our Sales Team
  • CraigS  Thanks! I emailed sales yesterday and I'm looking forward to getting it resolved. 

  • J Kong They should get back to you today. You're welcome of course.

  • I bought Screenflow yesterday from the Telestream website...... None of my third party plugins work.... not even the Apple plugins.... I can't publish anything without some kind of simple eq plugin...... The "smooth volume levels" feature is fabulous BTW...... pls help 

  • Michael Terry Can you describe in more detail?
    I have a lot of audio plugins. The main problem is they don't show live audio when using them but they do work. ScreenFlow 8.3.2 on High Sierra 10.13.6.


  • so how do you monitor the changes you've made?

  • Michael Terry I can't while making the changes. 
    Please fill out the form and list the specific plugins you are having issues with (explain in detail) and we'll investigate improving compatibility.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

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