Mute Mic in Rendezvous Dashboard?


I'm a producer for a show in which I bring in the remote host of the show as well as the remote guest.  I have been using Skype and now want to use Rendezvous.  It should simplify things greatly!  However, when the show goes live I need to be able to mute my mic and turn off my video.  Is this or will this be possible for me as the producer of the show to mute from the Rendezvous dashboard in Wirecast?

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  • Each guest in the dashboard displays a camera and mic which you can mute or you can mute like any other shot once added. Keep in mind Rendezvous shots are added like any other camera source and you have control of them as you would any other camera source. Your camera and audio in the Dashboard don't go live unless you add your camera and mic as a shot and take it live. The sources are treated as if they were cameras, not screen captures.

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  • Thanks for the reply; I really appreciate it!  I understand what you're saying.  I know that my camera and mic won't go live unless I add it as a source, but the other guests in the Rendezvous session will still hear me and see me the whole time.  I'm wondering if I can mute/turn off camera so my guests aren't distracted by me as the producer during the conversation they have with each other.  Right now on Skype I can just mute my mic and hide myself visually.  Is there any way to do this now?

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  • Ben Picker Thanks for clarifying. You, as host, would like to mute your own video and audio so the guests aren't districted. That's an interesting idea.

    LP  will log that as a feature request for you.

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  • CraigS Request documented in engineering database. 

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  • LP Thanks for that.

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  • Great!  I'm hoping to see this in the future in an already great product.  I appreciate everything.

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  • Ben Picker You're welcome of course. The developers are listening.

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  • Do you have any updates on if this will be a feature we will see?  I'm using some work arounds, but it would be great to just have a mute switch and video mute switch like most common video conferencing platforms.  Thanks!

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  • Ben Picker If you have a case number do ask for a status update.  If you need to generate a case number use the Wirecast Feature Request Form and note that LP previously logged it for you.

    For video, you can now send Live Output to your guests instead of your camera. Audio is still your mic though.


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  • hey craig what if i need the guest to hear an inside source of audio from the PC? I produce a Live show where we got the host on a studio with a 58" monitor that brings the guest up (and other medias) and they talk.

    we use a mac pro for the main live transmittion and a PC running another wirecast that sends media, videos and the rendevous guest to this studio monitor.

    we also  send video and audio via decklink output to the main wirecast so we can cut the guest to full screen.

    The ideia to get the audio from the host back to rendevous was to send a ndi to the second wirecast and then route it internally as a virtual wc mic to the rendevous interface. Not possible. any help here? Or is my workflow wrong in any way?


    wirecast 1 (to go live) - 03 cameras, 02 mics, media (lower 3rds, etc) for the live session. streaming to facebook

    wirecast 2 (to send to studio monitor)- media (videos, images) + rendevous we output through a decklink sdi to a blackmagic atem 1 m/e that splits the signal and send for both the monitor and the WC1 (so we got a shot to get the guest full screen live)

    the host audio (wc1) path back that is the bottleneck here. we send a ndi and got the shot on wc2 but not able to route the audio to rendevous.

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  • marcio mootsa in time, and I'm not able to mute the audio from the guest on rendevous even if I click the audio icon on his shot on rendevous window (the audio keeps coming over all the shots)

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  • marcio mootsa Rendezvous will only send the host's audio back. The host's mic can't be muted.

    If you need to send program back to guest you may need to use something other than Rendezvous. 

    Otherwise do use the previously posted feature request form to request program out to the guest. Keep in mind that that would mean the guest can't hear any host communication off air without some means to mix/mux/control.

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  • marcio mootsa Guest audio should only appear on the Master Layer Shot you've assigned their audio to. Each guest audio is a unique source.

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  • Going back to the original post in this thread.  I am in a similar situation, I am producing/switching remotely. I would like to communicate with show host only to communicate timing and other information without disrupting guest(s).  Audio going from me to show host only would be best.  However, private text chat or messaging could work but seems cumbersome.  How are others handling similar situations?

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  • Charles Bailey - There is currently no available solution within Wirecast. Your only option would be to run another app and have that audio route to your host.

    One option might be "Discord" - and capturing that audio on your wirecast PC - but setting the tracks in the mixer dashboard to a different track so it wont go to air, but still monitoring that in your headphones. This assumes you are not using any other system audio captures. But be careful - if you leave your Rendezvous dashboard open, the system audio capture will pickup the rendezvous audio - and cause echo in your headphones. This is recorded as a bug in the community tracker.

    To remove the echo - or if you need to do other system audio capture, you could purchase Dante VIA. This would allow you to bypass wirecast - and directly route audio from Discord to your headphones, without no echo issues.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks for the information.  I need to keep the Rendezvous dashboard open to monitor guests off line.

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  • Charles Bailey Please make sure you fill out the previous posted feature request form and request it.

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