Screenflow 7 is a disaster

I used to love Screenflow. I have been using it for about 3 years now.


Since I upgraded to Screenflow 7 I only have problems. It crashes, it does not show the video (although it is in the timeline and has been imported), it gave me an error message saying "Screenflow was unable to find file ...." etc.


What happened?? How can an update be that bad? I think Screenflow should test their updates more thoroughly before releasing them, because lots of people are loosing many hours of work at the moment.


Thank you for your attention.

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  • I'm sorry you're having problems but ScreenFlow 7 is working well for most people. 
    I'd like to help you but I do need specifics. Please read READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum and include the details.

    One reason it may not find a file would be related to saving a document after making a recording. Basically it's not finding the temp file. Once you save the document it would be in the document folder, not the temp location. Sorry I can't be more specific until you provide the details of your workflow. 

  • I'm having the same problems hours of work that screenflow can't seem to find and i believe it's due to the fact screenflow just keeps crashing and saves bad temp / recovery files that if not saved properly, which i made sure of to resave the entire file every time e.g to name1, name2 etc every time screenflow crashed thinking surely the screenflow file has saved all of it. Only to now realise that no it didn't save and have lost all my voice overs and hours. Screenflow now prompts me to discard everything leaving me with now my recorded videos only that they too don't seem to work now and now how to start again from scratch....... The stability of screenflow 6 is far greater than 7 right now.... Looking back i should have waited until maybe the 2nd to third update to screen flow 7 before upgrading but who would had thought coming from version 6 which great stability.

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  • Diego Quevedo Can you determine what function you're doing when ScreenFlow crashes? ScreenFlow 7 doesn't autosave because many users were concerned about the amount of disk drive space it used.

    Can you please post your systems complete specs including the OS and the steps to reproduce the crash?

    Please note that I previously posted to read READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum. Of the fastest help we need complete details. Fixes will happen much faster when users can point to the exact causes and/or configuration being used. 

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  • I'm having issues with 7.0 as well. The timeline freezes in certain places when editing...making editing almost impossible now. It was fine with editing my first 6 vids. But now it's just maddening and costing me lots of $.


    How can I move back to version 6?

  • I'm also seeing green boxes for the preview of items instead of the vids. Arrrgggg!

  • Tracy Wittenkeller I'm sorry you're having an issue. Please read this thread and note that if you'd like help I'd ask you to read PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum. I'm here to help but I need technical information as I can't provide assistance without information to work with.

  • CraigS Sorry CraigS can't seem to find the crash report..... :( however you mentioned that ScreenFlow 7 doesn't AutoSave......

    Are you guys serious!!!

    This is definitely a big deal breaker for me if ScreenFlow 7 doesn't do this. I 100% rely upon AutoSave and i strongly recommend you guys bring back this feature ASAP to ScreenFlow 7.

    If people don't want Autosave then surely they can go into the settings and have AutoSave turned off. ( I HAVE NO IDEA WHY PEOPLE WOULD ASK FOR SUCH A THING) Do we not live in an age with higher stored memory space!?

    The reason i love autosave is purely simple, As an Architect i do massive projects and work hours on end that if my program suddenly crashes i have potential lost hours to weeks of work which can easily convert to $1,000 of lost work.

    In this fast pace world, this can not happen, period.

    My CAD program starts autosaving the moment i first save my file this has been a life saver in times where the power has completely shut off or my computer crashed. If this were to happen I know with confidence that my work is 100% Saved.

    I had thought screen flow 7 was doing the same until I reopened the file and had lost and not saved everything that i had imported from Video Files, Audio Files and images all completely gone!

    I'm sorry to say but i have now gone back to ScreenFlow 6 for when it did crash on the one off random occasion i was happy to see that everything was saved.

    Please bring back Autosave!! I will only go back to screen flow 7 until updates have been released to fix the latest issues.

    Thanks again for your time.

  • Diego Quevedo Autosave had to be turned off through Terminal. There's no way to do it through the User Interface as Apple doesn't wan't this. The autosave goes to the internal drive which is very small on many Mac laptops. Autosave itself would result in people losing projects because the drive filled up. That was far more common than a crash.

    Crash logs are found in
    username / Library / Logs / DiagnosticReports
    They can also be found using Apple's Console app in the User Reports folder

  • screenflow 7 is unstable, many crash, very bugs.

    Please make a stable version and no crash and no many many bugs.

    We have paid for that no?

  • same behavior here.

  • Goldy Arora Given you're an insider you should be sending us your crash logs. Please do so so we can investigate. Insiders should test and report which is especially important during beta testing so we can fix before release. Thanks for helping.

  • Didier Navarrete We'd certainly like to fix any issues you find. Please report specifics as it is difficult to troubleshot and fix without details.

    Please fill do out the form documenting the specifics of any bugs you find so we may fix.
    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • Another problem which I recently have is that files show on the timeline, they also show in the video, everything seems to be fine. Then I export and all of a sudden the files are gone (just black). When I check back in Screenflow it also shows a black screen, but the files are still in the timeline. The files are 5 pictures and one audio file which are copied from another Screenflow document. Thanks!

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  • Anja Winter This would happen if you have an NVIDIA GPU. We are working on that issue.

  • I'm having very similar issues, my computer broke and had to repair it resulting losing everything including my screenflow 6 which I was happy with, so had to download screenflow 7 and pay another lump sum for and need this for work and trying to put external videos into screenflow 7 nothing happens, no audio and no visual on the external video, its just blank, recordings from screenflow itself is working fine but external videos aren't showing up and its very frustrating after paying for screenflow 7 after losing screenflow 6 and for it not to work, it's wasting my time and money trying to figure out how to solve the issues!!!


    I want my money back and my screenflow 6 back because this is just unacceptable.

  • I've had the same problems as others have described here, making Screenflow 7 unusable for me, which is such a shame as I've loved using Screenflow for over three years. 

    Here's what happened

    - the program kept freezing, with the spinning ball, but the sound continued, though I couldn't stop it. Sometimes the screen went green too.

    When force quitting, Screenflow was listed as unresponsive.

    This kept happening again and again and again, even after a few seconds of use each time.

    The problem didn't improve with updating to Screenflow 7.2

    Fortunately I can go back to Screenflow 6.4, and have done.

    For the record, here's my tech info

    • Computer hardware including screen size (Specific Mac Model) iMac 2013 version, 2.7Ghz quad core, 16Gb Ram, ITB fusion drive.
    • OS version (10.x.x) 10.12.6
    • ScreenFlow version (x.x.x) and whether it's Mac App Store version 7.2, I updated from Telestream. 
    • external devices recording from and how are they connected to computer  - no just a SSD hard drive, but I wasn't editing on this this. 
    • Scratch disk location in preferences if it's hard drive record or playback issue 
    • Free hard drive space - 220GB
    • Number of Monitors if more than one and screen size of each - just one, smaller sized iMac.

    • Source files used in your project. - mp4 video loaded.
    • What you are recording. (What Program or Browser if relevant)
    • Sequence running time. 
    • Error messages if any - none
    • Visual or auditory description of the issue. Attach screenshot if you think it will clarify. - kept freezing, with spinning ball, when force quitting, Screenflow marked as unresponsive.
    • We may ask you for an exported file or a project file in some cases. 

    I'm a great fan of Screenflow, and have found it easy to use. I don't think I had such bad problems before I updated to Mac Os 10.12.6, but I found remember fondly Screenflow 6, and am happier to go back there.

  • Chris Johnstone - sorry to add it is Screenflow 6.2 I had before and that's what I've gone back to - not 6.4, my mistake. 

  • Eray Feyzi said:
    losing everything including my screenflow 6 which I was happy with, so had to download screenflow 7 and pay another lump sum for

     Sorry but I don't understand this at all. ScreenFlow 6.2.4 works with the current macOS. We have download links for that. 

  • Chris Johnstone said:
    Here's what happened

    - the program kept freezing, with the spinning ball, but the sound continued, though I couldn't stop it. Sometimes the screen went green too.

    ScreenFlow 6.2.2 and 7.2 are both compatible with 10.12.6. The problem may have been as simple as reseting preferences. Support, either here or on email, would show you how to do that.

  • Eray Feyzi  Chris Johnstone You should contact support here and/or by email or support form when you have an issue and we'll walk you through the solutions.

  • CraigS So how do you contact support to get help with resetting preferences? I can't see anywhere in the forum how to make this contact.

     I am having the spinning ball problem with 7 as well, and I'm losing many valuable work hours that I can't bill my client for. 

  • CraigS Maybe if I knew which preferences I was to be resetting (i.e. browser, Screenflow, etc.) it would help me figure it out on my own. 

  • CraigS Where are these links? In lieu of "fixing" 7 I would go back to a previous version. I just don't have time for all this mess.

  • I will reiterate to everyone using 7...Screenflow 7 is a disaster. Reseting preferences does not help. That said, there is hope. I went back to 6...and have no issues. Just know that you don't get the new 7 features with 6 - trust me, it ain't worth the risk. I will not be going back to 7 ever, even though I paid for it. It really sucks that it was a paid upgrade AND I lost a ton of work. I really hope Telestream does more to fix the issues (offering a refund would show some goodwill) with 7 so more people don't have to suffer.

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  • Suzanne Paschall said:
    CraigS So how do you contact support to get help with resetting preferences?

     I posted the link previously in this thread.
    Reverting to a previous version without sending in the above form means we can't contact you about resolving the issue. Developers need to see reports to resolve issues and create fixes. The only available versions online are 7.3, 6.2.4, 5.0.7 found under Previous Versions at this link.

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