Screenflow 7 is a disaster

I used to love Screenflow. I have been using it for about 3 years now.


Since I upgraded to Screenflow 7 I only have problems. It crashes, it does not show the video (although it is in the timeline and has been imported), it gave me an error message saying "Screenflow was unable to find file ...." etc.


What happened?? How can an update be that bad? I think Screenflow should test their updates more thoroughly before releasing them, because lots of people are loosing many hours of work at the moment.


Thank you for your attention.

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  • Tracy Wittenkeller We've just released 7.3. If you're still having problems with 7.3 you should report them. The developers base fixes on reports from users.

  • Keep in mind you need to be comfortable with Terminal to reset preferences.

    Delete ScreenFlow Cache:
    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open. (save any work in progress)
    2) Open a new Finder window.
    3) Select the "GO" menu top of screen, Hold "Option" key with menu open, and select the "Library" that appears.
    4) In the Library folder open Caches folder.
    5) Delete ALL folders that start with “net.telestream.screenflow(4/5/6/7)”
    6) Empty trash.

    Part 2:

    Reset ScreenFlow Preferences:
    1) Make sure ScreenFlow is not open.
    2) Open Terminal and copy and paste this command and press Enter:To open "Terminal" (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
    defaults delete net.telestream.screenflow7

  • CraigS I have a simple suggestion that made the behavior of the recovery wonderful in v6 that isn't at all appealing in v7:

    Instead of having the logic ask if you'd like to recover a file it has detected that wasn't saved from the last time (a fruitless exercise since the release of v7 because no content ever shows up after agreeing to restore the file(s)), please just recover them and show them as recovered1, recovered2, ...

    I believe this is how recovering worked previously. 


    Thanks for considering this request. 

  • William R. Certainly submit that as a Feature Request. Please do fill out the form as the developers may want to consider implementation.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

  • I must say, I held off buying 7 for  few months and finally bought it 2 weeks ago... WHY?  ugh..what a hassle...  all of the above...green shadows everywhere, once the file was exported, all i got was a black screen for 55 minutes....  hang ups and crashes... this is the WOrST update ever,... and I lOVE screenflow... always recommending it....   i am just glad that I did not delete my 6.2.2...    redid my project in about 5 minutes.... as opposed to an hour trying to wait for the crashes....

  • Andrew McCauley If you'd like help on these issues please start a separate topic. ScreenFlow 7.3 is very stable for me. I use it nearly every day of course.

  • I'm locking this thread. If people have specific issues I'll be glad to help. Start a thread and provide details so we can troubleshoot and investigate fixes as needed.

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