Text flickers on Wirecast 8.3

Telestream Team,

Good afternoon. I just upgraded to Wirecast 8.3, and I'm having a problem with text flickering when I activate multi-layered text shots. I've isolated the problem specifically to Wirecast 8.3 and to the text layers themselves by creating brand new projects and only adding text shots (no other media or video shots connected.) 

As far as I can tell, the problem only appears when you have more than one text shot in a given project. Here was was my procedure: 

1. I created a Wirecast project and added a double-layered text shot. When I activated the shot, no issue. 

2. I did a "Save As." In the new project, I added two other double-layered text shots. I then started encountering the flickering problem. 

3. I did a "Save As" again, creating a third project. I then deleted the two new double-layered text shots, bringing us back to the original double-layered text shot. Even though I was down to just one text shot, I was still getting the flickering when I tried to activate that shot. However . . . 

4. . . . when I saved this third project, and got the "This document contains sources that are not referenced by any shots" pop-up window, and deleted the other text sources within that window, THAT'S when I went back to not having the flickering problem. So it was not just a matter of deleting the shots - it was a matter of deleting the sources. 

I've attached the three Wirecast projects to this ticket, numbered in the order I created them. I also attached a recording generated from the second Wirecast project that shows the flickering. 

The stats for the MacPro (the same one as always) follow: 

MacPro (Tower)

Processor: 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
MacOs X Sierra 10.12.5
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB
Memory: 3GB

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