Would like to see the ability to not only see and  stream a Twitter feed, but would also like to stream photos  posted on the twitter feed. Its possible on Vmix.


Joshua Mars
Mars Video Productions

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  • Please do fill out the form and describe how it works in Vmix and we'll look at integration.

    Wirecast Feature Request

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  • I've managed to find few posts both on these new forums and forums from a few years ago requesting this feature. If this has not been done yet, I would like to add myself to the fold.

    I'm trying to replace vMix Social which we currently use for the following:

    People tweeting in photos to a specific festival hashtag automated into a particular Wirecast shot/playlist.

    Wirecast does a good job of text based tweets where-by they can be selected/vetted in the message feed window but I see no way of getting access to the tweeted pictures still. Maybe I'm missing something.


    With wanting to sound greedy, I would also like to grab pictures sent to the festival Instagram account too and possibly FaceBook :)

    As for Snapchat, we kinda have a workaround for that as we do in vMix and that's to screenshot the photos on a phone signed into the festival account, dump the photos into a folder and pull them into Wirecast carousel, however that's still bit harder since vMix can monitor a folder and merely needs a refresh when new pics have turned up. Wirecast required me to choose them every time.

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  • Dave Healey Thanks for posting that. I'll make sure the developers see this.

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  • Internal Reference WIRE-16193

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