Capture Laptop display contents

Hi guys. 


We're hoping to use Wirecast to capture a few upcoming conferences.


This involves a speaker loading his Powerpoint or Keynote presentation onto a laptop which is connected to a projector. 


We want to film the speaker with our Sony Ex1's and then place him taking up about 1 third of our stream display/composition and then somehow take a feed of his slides (Which are on a separate computer)  and display them in the other 2 thirds side by side and then stream this.


Does anyone know how we can do this? I should say that we don't necessarily need a feed of the slides and can actually have our own copy of the slides running on our laptop. I just can think of a way that we could keep an eye on the stream and manually change our slide as the speaker changes his.


Best Wishes 


Danny C 

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  • Hi Danny, The details may depend on your setup circumstance.

    You could use our free Remote Desktop Presenter over LAN although there may be some small latency.

    You can hardwire the computers but the details depend on the computer being used to present the slides and the computer you're running Wirecast on.

    The files can be exported from the presenter either as a video file (matching their live timing can be a challenge) or stills you can cycle through (although you'd lose any animated effects). You could create a Master Layer of stills or perhaps a Playlist you can pause and start.

  • CraigS Hi Craig


    Thank you very much for getting back to me on this. 


    Both machines (running Wirecast and slide presenting) are MacBook pros owned by the production team, so we could look at installing the Remote Desktop app you mentioned. 


    We could also hardwire through something like HDMI, but on a recent test, I couldn't see a way to get the MacBook running Wirecast to realise that the other machine was connected and to allow the integration of its display into a Wirecast project.


    Best Wishes



  • Desktop Presenter send the screen digitally over LAN. As an alternative you can take the HDMI out of one and add through a capture card like Magewell USB dongle to the other. You may need to add a HDMI splitter to output to both, projector and capture card in parallel. If you use SDI you can extend the distance between both computers.

  • Jens Jarke Thanks Jens


    I've just been playing with the Remote Desktop app and its terrific. The latency is very small and won't affect us in a negative way. Its great how quickly and easily Wirecast detects the other machine running the Presenter app. 


    Thanks to both of your for your help with this. (Craig & Jens)


    Best Wishes


    Danny C

  • Daniel Caldwell Jens has very good knowledge of Wirecast. Good to hear you're happy with Remote Desktop Presenter.

  • A few years late, but I am also trying to send a signal from one laptop into another to use as a source. I need it to be a wired connection. As an experiment today, I took HDMI out of one MBP into a Magewell dongle and into another MBP which is running Wirecast. Wirecast is recognizing the signal when I try to add it as a source, but when I add it, I have nothing but black. Any ideas?

  • James Downie Please test in Magewell capture software and/or Quicktime first to make sure the video is actually seen by either the OS or Magewell software.

  • CraigS I'm currently using the setup with a camera instead of a laptop and it's working fine.

  • James Downie Your laptop output may not be compatible with the device Magewell device. They have a few dongles now and frame size can be a factor.

    Again check with Quicktime and Magewell's capture software with laptop as source.

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