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It seems we lost a good deal of codec support when we upgraded to Episode Engine 7. I assume that's because Episode no longer uses the QT library even on the Macs, yes? We screen capture a lot with Camtasia for training and now we can't just put our resulting AVIs into our compression folders. When it was all QT-based, this wasn't a problem. Is anyone out there doing this sort of workflow who might have some ideas? The only option seems to be to re-render to an interim codec, which adds quite a bit of time and manual work to the routine. 

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  • I suppose what I should ask is... Are there ANY screen capture codecs that work in Episode now? Looking at the format list it appears not so. Interestingly, FFMPEG has no problem with that or many other screen capture codecs.

  • Telestream ScreenFlow can export Apple ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444 with Alpha. This would assume you're capturing on macOS.

    It depends what you mean be "screen capture" codecs. Unless they're proprietary they may work in Episode. AVI is a container (not a codec) which can contain any number of  codecs.

    Keep in mind the decision to deprecate Quicktime Frameworks was Apple's so we had to move to our own codec decoding.

  • MJPEG, YCbCr, Windows RAW (RGB) in AVI could work for example.

  • CraigS Looks like Screenflow is Mac-only, so that's a no-go for us. We'll probably end up using AME - it appears to be able to decode them.

  • CraigS When I say screen capture codec, I'm talking about the proprietary ones that don't require additional exporting. Microsoft has one, Techsmith (Camtasia), etc. The most important one should be Camtasia since it's so ubiquitous though. Compatibility was much easier with Quicktime around to leverage, wasn't it? 

  • Jeff Handy Quicktime allowed for third party plugins whereas now developers need to implement their own decoders. My understanding is the Adobe is leaving behind Quicktime as well in their most recent CC version. Earlier CC versions may still use Quicktime. If they do have their own decoder in the current version, for Camtasia, that would be interesting to know. Perhaps that's something we could look at in Telestream Cloud.

  • I suppose what I ought to ask is... Are there ANY display screen seize codecs that work in Episode now? Looking at the layout list it appears now not so. Interestingly, FFMPEG has no problem with that or many different display capture codecs.

  • jonnyroot3345 said:
    Are there ANY display screen seize codecs that work in Episode now?

     No. Episode sales and development has ended. Perhaps FFMPEG is the better choice.

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