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While doing a walkthrough of the beta today, we tested the QR code functionality. At time code 16:08, Jens talks about the issue - where the QR code is inverted.

Hope this helps.

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  • And here is a screeshot of the both QR codes

  • I find it interesting that the June 4, 2019 release of Wirecast 12.1.1 claims that one of the fixes is:

    •Fixed –QR Code does not work

    I was hoping for a fix.  Well, guess what?  It still doesn't work on my Wirecast 12.1.1 (453.1997cbeb). So, I began a little search and stumbled across this discussion (much older than the new 12.1.1 release) with the dilemma reported by Jens Jarke.  So, I did a screen grab of the Wirecast QR Code I made, took it into Photoshop and inverted it.  Bingo!  It worked.

    Hey Wirecast.  Exactly what did you "Fix" in the QR code generator.  How about inverting the graphic?  It'll all be well then 👍

  • Brad Did you test by creating a new document first? Documents created in a previous version may retain the issue. 

    If it's still not working you need to provide details because we certainly tested the fix.   Items listed in the release notes are verified so perhaps there's a variable.

  • Brad And I just tested and it works perfectly for me in 12.1.1. Scanned with phoned and went right to the linked website.

  • CraigS It works on many phones (including my Android) but it is still a negative of what it should be in 12.1.1

  • Okay.  The QR Code Generator works -- depending upon what QR Code scanner app I have.  The one I had for quite some time on my Android is the one I used last night to test 12.1.1, and it only functioned with the inverted QR.  Today I installed another QR Code Scanner app, and it read both the Wirecast QR Code and the inverted one I created in Photoshop.  The screen grab below is a new document in 12.1.1.  Preview window is the Wirecast QR, Live window is the inverted QR.

    Worth noting: I went back to the document I was using last night (a template of sorts that I use in a church setting; changing a few graphics each week, so I didn't want to start over) and tried it with the "new" QR Code scanner app I installed this morning... it worked. 

    So, draw your own conclusions.  To me it seems that the QR code currently generated in Wirecast isn't quite universal -- yes, there are some low end apps (like the one I was using) that probably need improving.  I guess it's a give and take, right?

  • Brad Let's be clear here. Wirecast should not be inverting the code. There is a safety margin around a QR that is supposed to allow for readers to be able to distinguish between the first set of data and the edge. Why they choose to invert it is beyond me. It's not like they are using negative space in the black area so you can roll your own background (high contrast) colour so there is no reason for it to be inverted.

  • Brad QR code using my iPhone's camera. No third party QR software used on the phone. Once you involve third party software that's a variable. We can be certain that a given app has a problem without specifics. I'm not sure "universal" is an issue. 

    Matthew Potter If you think switching the black and white would make a difference do report it but you'd want to cite a specific app that's having a problem with it.

    My iPhone camera scans without any additional software.

  • CraigS Worth noting that Android also lives in our world these days.  And there are many QR apps in the Google Play store.  The ones I chose both have over a million downloads.  So, I hope Wirecast doesn't box itself in by claiming Apple is the know-all, see-all, do-all.  Involving third party software is a given these days.  Actually, "universal" is an issue.  QR codes and barcodes are universal in retail these days and work on, what, a thousand different retail scanner devices?

    I don't want to turn this into a bickering session over the QR software, right or wrong.  Just saying that I found my QR app works on everyday QR stuff in the online and retail world, but doesn't on the Wirecast generated QR code as it is today.

  • Brad then you would have to report the issue listing the specific app. This is why reports must be detailed. Otherwise, the internal testing will be with whatever they believe is standard.

  • CraigS It's not me that uses the Wirecast QR generator however if you want to get nit-picky about it:

    Here is the specification document of QR which requires the darker colour to be in certain areas. The fact that some readers don't have issues is credit to those readers but there is still no reason to why Wirecast should be inverting the light and dark areas of a code.


  • Brad Fill out the form but note the specific Android app and include the Android OS version as well. Note that our QR code is an invert of the standard and will not work in some scanning apps.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • Brad I did try in 3 third-party scanner apps on iPhone and it failed in one.

  • Sorry folks. This is so symbolic to Telestream. Same story over and over. A fix without a fix. And this is all public. And testing on Craigs iPhone is the reference.

    Thanks Matthew for nailing it down. Stick to the specification.

    I have been a bit more silent on here, now you know the reason. It put's my reputation in bad lighting.

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  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    Note that our QR code is an invert of the standard and will not work in some scanning apps.

    I have to ask Craig. Was that by design? Was it deliberately done like this? Your post seems to describe this as a known state, or was that in response to this reported issue?

    And as a related topic, when the issue was posted during the beta cycle as a known issue, what was done in response to the report? Especially when users have taken the time to document the issue clearly during the beta cycle before public release using your recommended method of reporting beta issues?

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  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    I have to ask Craig. Was that by design?

     Probably not. But I see the standard and see the difference.

  • Thank you all for your help in identifying this, this issue has been reported internally to our team, internal ref: WIRE-15885.

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