NDI-HX and Wirecast?

I'm learning about NDI-HX and if I understand correctly I believe it requires less LAN bandwidth than NDI.  Does NDI-HX work with Wirecast and if so, what additional drivers or steps do I need to take for that to happen? 

I want to bring in other sources (e.g. Titler Live 3 Present graphics) from a second computer on the same network into my Wirecast document.

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  • It should work with 8.2 as long as you have the properly updated NDI-HX tools. We are continuing to improve NDI integration so do post any issues. Always check with NDI Monitor to confirm things are working outside of Wirecast.

  • CraigS said:
    It should work with 8.2 as long as you have the properly updated NDI-HX tools. We are continuing to improve NDI integration so do post any issues. Always check with NDI Monitor to confirm things are working outside of Wirecast.

     An important thing to note (for Mac Users), is that access to NDI HX may *not* be the same for all apps.

    Originally NewTek designed it so that HX was a plug in installed in the system once and access by any NDI apps on that machine. However, this approach turned out not to be compatible with the macOS app store, and so all Sienna's mac apps (including NDI Monitor) actually have NDI HX *embedded* in the apps themselves, and as such are NOT accessing this centrally installed NDI HX driver.

    On that basis, it might be possible for NDI HX to be working fine inside NDI Monitor but NOT working at all in other mac apps on the same machine which are trying to connect to the central shared NDI HX driver (which might not be installed at all).

    I am guessing that WireCast is using the shared NDI HX driver - so this information is particularly pertinent.

  • Which is why it's important to check outside of Wirecast with Sienna NDI Monitor. If that works then we'd need to investigate our own integration.

  • CraigS MAC OS - I’m have same issue with the NDI HX feed not being detected in WC but playing correctly in sienna NDI monitor and not detected in any version of WC from 7.6 to 8.3 inclusive. This note from Sienna was useful in confirming what the issue might be. http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/ndihxsupport.html really hoping this can be resolved as it’s undermining the benefits of NDI HX for Mac users. Any more news about this Craig?

  • I can say from my recent experience that Sienna NDI monitor seems to block WC from seeing the NDI sources. Not sure if this is a conflict with the actual NewTek NDI driver or not, but what worked for me was not running the Sienna tool on the same machine as WC.

  • Art Aldrich  Julian  you may want to contact SiennaTV NDI Cloud regarding that.

    You can test NewTek's NDI Monitor if you believe NDI Monitor is the issue. I'm sure SiennaTV will be very responsive if the issue is on their end.

    You can test with either NDI Monitor to see if the signal is being received and then quit NDI Monitor and restart Wirecast to see if it detects it. If NDI Monitor works under that circumstance but Wirecast does not then we need to investigate but please do test first.

  • I have tested, and that is what I have found to be true.

    I reached out to Mark at Sienna and reported the issue.

  • NewTek are investigating this.

    It should not be the case that HX doesn't support 2 client apps on the same machine, so most likely there is a good explanation.

    If anyone else has experienced a similar issue with any two different NDI HX apps on the same machine wont share a device - please post here so we can add to the knowledge NewTek are working from.

    It may also be a useful test to see if 2 copies of NDI Monitor can both connect to the HX device at the same time - just duplicate the Application and run them both

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  • NDI Cloud Thanks for doing this.

  • Same issue here. I downloaded the special Sienna NDI monitor voor Mac. The source is found in the app, as you can see. But no image...

    And also not appearing as source in Wirecast. While on a windows based machine it does appear in Wirecast (though with a bad image quality in the darker areas, which seems to be a WC problem, since it's not in vMix and OBS).

  • Eeuwit Klink It may be a Mac specific issue. Also test in Newtek's NDI Monitor for Mac just to be sure. 

    You may want to start a separate forum topic about the Windows issue since it may be a different issue on how Wirecast is decoding the NDI source. Include Newtek NDI Monitor screenshot and Wirecast screenshot so we can see the difference.

  • Important to note that NewTek NDI Monitor will use the SAME ndi shared library as WireCast, where Sienna NDI Monitor uses its own dedicated ndi library.  It would be interesting to see if this makes any difference. 

  • NDI Cloud Actually - lets retract that.   WireCast also has a built in NDI Library.  Only NewTek NDI Monitor will use the system installed NDI Library.  Sienna Monitor and WireCast appear to be using ndi libraries embedded in their respective bundles

  • Regardless of which NDI monitor I use (Sienna or NewTek), if Wirecast has the NDI sources, the cameras are not available on the same machine. I can run the NDI tools on another machine without issue.

  • Art Aldrich Run NDI Monitor with Wirecast closed. I just want to make sure NDI is reaching the computer. It may also confirm that it's our implementation at issue.

  • Yes, with WC closed, both NewTek and Sienna can see the cameras.

  • Art Aldrich Make sure you're on Wirecast 8.3, otherwise update and test again. If you're on Wirecast 8.3 than report the issue noting that BOTH Newtek and SiennaTV NDI Monitor can see the source on the same computer Wirecast is on.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I am on latest, and I have reported it.

  • Art Aldrich Thanks. If it's working on both NDI Monitors then we may need to examine and update our implementation.

  • Having the same issue here. 

    When I open Sienna NDI Monitor before launching Wirecast or OBS, I can see the PTZOptics camera in the NDI Monitor App, I cannot however, see it in Wirecast or OBS as a NDI source once those programs launched (one at a time of course). Other sources show up in the NDI Monitor (NDI Signal Generator and Scan Converter + the Sparks) but no Camera. If I open Wirecast or OBS first, I can then see the camera as a NDI source a but when I launch the NDI Monitor, I then cannot see the camera there then. 

    Oh and btw, I get the same results using the Newtek NDI Monitor.

    Set up:
    Two MacBooks, Two Newtek Connect Sparks, one PTZOptics camera w NDI HX Firmware.

    Wirecast 8.3 and/or OBS 21.1.1 on 
    High Sierra 10.13.3
    TP link unmanaged 1GB switch
    2 Newtek Connect Sparks

  • Quick update.


    Newtek are aware of this issue which apparently (only ?) affects PTZOptics NDI cameras on macOS.

    The good news is that the issue should be resolvable with an updated NDI HX library for Mac - which will typically require updating of the various apps which use it, although you may be able to simply swap out the HX dylib from the frameworks folder in the app bundle.  More instructions will follow once a fix is confirmed.

    If anyone is experiencing the same problem described by Michelle, but using NewTek or Panasonic HX cameras, please shout now.

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  • NDI Cloud Shouting now that it affects both of my Panasonic HE130 cameras with the NDI upgrade firmware.

  • Art.

    Please try the latest NDI Monitor beta, with a new driver from NewTek (built yesterday) which might fix this.  


    However, its possible that Wirecast will *also* need to update the driver for this solution to work. I am not 100% sure if wirecast embeds the HX driver (as Sienna NDI Monitor does) or if it uses the system level shared driver (as NewTek NDI Monitor does).

    Let us know whether you see any change.


  • Michelle MacGregor Do report the issue to us as well using the previously posted form because, as NDI Cloud notes, we may need to update Wirecast when Newtek fixes this.

  • CraigS and done.

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