8.3(33368) | January 19th 2018 | First Beta Build

Good afternoon,

Over the past month and a half we’ve been very busy here at Telestream working on Wirecast version 8.3. We’ve decided to try something new and do a public beta of this version. We would appreciate any feedback – positive or negative – that you may have. In this version we’ve added video feed output from Wirecast to Rendezvous participants and we’ve enabled RTMPS support for Facebook. Wirecast 8.3 is also jam-packed with bug fixes and improvements! Please remember that this is a beta version and is not a representation of the final quality of the product, it could potentially have bugs and should not be used in a production environment.



Implemented the ability to send video output from a document to Rendezvous users



Enable RTMPS support for Facebook destination

Added a custom image import option to Shot Layer Mattes drop-down menu

Enabled using the circle center-point to move assets in Preview

Improved Master/Go button for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

Improved transition representation for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

Show active audio channel lights for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

Round input values in Video Properties to 1 decimal place instead of whole integers

Disabled the ability to set strict CBR for Apple H.264 as it has no effect

Added a link to the forum in the Controllers section of the Preferences



Disabled 'Open Output Settings' menu item when no documents are open

Disabled right clicking when picking chroma key color

Disabled the ability to delete a shot while it is being dragged on Windows(caused a crash)

Disabled the Facebook ‘Refresh’ button while a refresh network operation is in progress

Fixed a 1 pixel bar that was present on Top/Left sides of outputs

Fixed a CPU spike that occurred when changing the audio track in the Facebook output settings

Fixed a crash on macOS that would occur intermittently when adding a screen capture and changing the source type to ‘Game’

Fixed a crash that would occur with certain transitions when transitioning to a blank shot twice in rapid succession

Fixed a hang that occurred when adding a Bonjour IP Camera source

Fixed a Mac issue where certain transitions would cause a rendering bug when used before other transitions

Fixed a macOS High Sierra issue where the main document UI would transition poorly when restored from a minimized state

Fixed a Windows issue where the CEF widget settings viewport would increase width/height by 1px on change

Fixed a Windows issue where the Live/Preview canvas would flicker when opening the Shot Inspector with an active output

Fixed an exception that was thrown when closing a Wirecast document after changing CoreAudio device input settings in Audio MIDI Setup

Fixed an incoherent message occasionally thrown at launch when localized in Chinese

Fixed an intermittent hang that occurred when stopping an output

Fixed an issue on Windows where Direct Show were missing the Pretty Name and Video Delay setting

Fixed an issue reported by Matthew Potter where multi-viewer output transitions would flash on all layers https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/h4130f

Fixed an issue where a source would “disappear” from the add source list if the Pretty Name is set to an empty string

Fixed an issue where playlists would become indefinite after an image was added

Fixed an issue where replay shots caused preview to flicker when multiple ISO replays were recording

Fixed an issue where the live shot was not set to 'changed state' when drop shadow is toggled

Fixed audio cutting out after a guest joins Rendezvous session on Mac

Fixed audio cutting out when switching shots

Fixed countdown timer couldn’t be set to less than 5 minutes

Fixed cropped screen capture dimensions become 1x1 when minimized

Fixed Facebook Scheduled events not showing up for some users

Fixed incorrect duration for MP4 AAC audio only recordings

Fixed Live audio shots reset when switching shots in another Master Layer

Fixed the vertical alignment of the Source Name field in the Image Carousel configuration window

Localized multiple strings in the Multi-Track Input Mapper

Optimized copying/pasting manually created sources

Removed ability to change live icon FPS as it did not work



We changed the underlying format of crops, so please test every aspect of cropping and make sure that it still works as expected.

Please test using different transitions and switching between different transitions.

Please test copying and pasting different types of sources.

Fixed Live audio shots reset when switching shots in another Master Layer:

• Make sure any parameter changing (volume, pan, crop, rotation, etc.) sends shot live

• Make sure new shots get sent live

• Make sure shot changes get sent live (including changing to ‘empty shot’)

• Make sure adding sources in a shot get sent live

• Make sure deleting sources in a shot get sent live

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