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I swear I posted this before, but here goes again as aI cannot find what I thought I posted.


YouTube has a new one-time streaming code which Wirecast automatically recognizes. In order to stream to Facebook AND YouTube simultaneously previously I had to set YouTube up as RTSP. But, it does not seem that YouTube offers an RTSP URL any longer.


So, how do I stream to YouTube & Facebook simultaneously now?




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  • Nothing has changed. YouTube offers an RTMP locations and stream key in the YouTube Control Room.

    If you use the YouTube API (the easy setup) that's detected automatically.
    If you use the Facebook API (the easy setup) you can't use the YouTube API. Those are Facebook's rules. You'd have to use Generic RTMP to stream to YouTube and they always offer that.

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  • CraigS Hmm, ok, I disagree.

    At least for me, the options are single-use stream key or reusable stream key options, neither of which actually gives me a URL.

    It used to be different, and there was a URL in there that I used to save every week, but a couple of months ago they changed it.

    I added a screen cap.


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  • Adam Blainey this is the single use key

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  • Adam Blainey 





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  • Hi CraigS ,


    So you're saying choose 'Other Encoder' rather than Wirecast for YouTube?

    Gee, I guess that makes sense. Haha. Some things are just too obvious.




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  • Adam Blainey Wirecast for YouTube is a specific product with built in YouTube only support and doesn't support custom RTMP so it doesn't need the URL information. So for using Wirecast Studio or Wirecast Pro that would be Other Encoder.

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