Desktop Presenter only shows Blank Green Screen. Help

I just bought a new MSI laptop. I downloaded all updates and drivers and uninstalled norton antivirus. HDCam works but Desktop Screener only show a blank green screen everytime I turn it on. Help!

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  • Due to changes made by Microsoft to the OS some programs don't capture.
    You can chose between Monitor, Window, Game. If Window doesn't work Monitor usually does. 

  • Window only works for smaller programs but not Chrome which is what i need, It does show the curser move but screen remains black. and the monitor option still shows blank green screen. 

  • Marcus Fetch Window mode won't work with Chrome. Monitor does work. I just tested.

    Wirecast 8.2, Windows 10, Chrome 63.
    Using Wirecast Screen Capture (you would not use Desktop Presenter on the same computer as Wirecast. It's now called Remote Desktop Presenter to be used on other computers over LAN).




  • I cant find these options because I'm still using the 6.0.7 version. Don't have the money to pay for the new version. Monitor option still just shows green screen when I select local. And Remote just shows black.

  • Marcus Fetch Wirecast 6 series is no longer supported so it's entirely possible it can break. 

    This is why it's important to provide appropriate details when you post. Please read READ BEFORE POSTING at the top of this product forum. Without details there's to be a lot of time lost in back and forth communication.

    You don't mention what version of Desktop Presenter you're using.
    Please download 2.0.8 on the right side of the linked page.
    Reboot the computer.
    If that doesn't work then go back to the same page and under Previous Versions download 2.0.6.
    Uninstall 2.0.8 and then Install 2.0.6.

  • I have the same problem, 
    but with version 9.01 pro, with remote ...dont matter what sofware I use to log into remote, shows the same issues.

    See link

  • Fredrik This thread is specific to Desktop Presenter which is different than remote login software.

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