No audio when outputting via HDMI

I use a LiveU solo to do my encoding and streaming to Ustream.

So I use Wirecast for camera and graphics to switch and output via the HDMI port on my MacBook Pro(OS High Sierra, Late 2013, 2.3GHz Intel i7, 16GB)  --  TO the HDMI on the Solo. 

Back in Wirecast 6, the Output - to External Monitor seemed to work just fine.  My LIVE window would be configured to be sent out via HDMI.  All good. 

But with the newer version (9.0.1) the Output now offers the MULTI-Viewer OUTPUT.  Has this changed it's capabilities on the audio portion?  I just can't seem to figure out why no audio is going to via the HDMI.  I *believe* I tried just about every setting on my Mac in terms of Audio output, setting on all of the shots in Wirecast, etc.  

I thought that maybe the Virtual Camera Out might have provided some solution, but I just can't see how those settings would affect my audio issue. 

As a test, I did put the HDMI cable into a monitor to see if any audio was coming out, but it was not.  Thanks for any thoughts you can share...

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  • Check Wirecast > Preferences > General > Audio Interface. To be safe make sure that and the System Sound Output are both the same. Make sure they're being send out as opposed to internal computer speakers, etc.  I'd reboot the computer as well. Basically you're sending Wirecast audio monitoring out.


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  • Aw jeeeeez.  (where. were. you. yesterday????  ;-)  
    I will test this, but it sure seems that this was the culprit.  So in my version (9.0.1) there are two choices... "Built-in Output" and HDMI.  So it seems that had I chosen HDMI, the audio would have gone to the HDMI.  
    Curious about exactly what is the Built-in Output?  Where does that go?

    In any event, thanks very much for your help.  

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  • Dale Bluestein Built in Output may go to internal speakers.  Keep in mind some may want to send HDMI video only so people can monitor in the room (they don't want audio from big speakers feeding back into mics) and the Wirecast Operator can still send to speakers, headphones etc.

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