Guest audio to studio

Hi guys,

maybe I am asking like a retard, but I keep thinking about it for many days and couldn't find a solution.

How to send guest audio to moderators in the studio? Eg, they should have some kind of headphones like Andrew from wirecast has in order not to echo everything back to studio mics? Do the studio has to be a participant of the rendezvous session or do they accept the sound somehow from the wirecast program via some kind of sound output configuration?


Thank you very much for your advices

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  • Hi Petr Hudec .

    I'm not 100% sure about the nature of your question, but let me give three answers...

    1. If you want a feed to other people at the same location as your studio, you would need some audio gear to split the output from your computer... but I don't think that is what you were talking about...

    2. If you want Rendezvous participants to hear program out - that is not currently supported by Wirecast. There are options to do some audio routing via tools like Dante Via, however, this has not worked reliably. This is documented in this feature request.

    3. If you want to hear remote rendezvous participants in the studio before they go "on air", it is possible to monitor audio from the rendezvous dashboard. This audio output will go to whatever was the default audio out on your computer when you started wirecast. Note: If you change system audio default output after wirecast is loaded, Wirecast ignores this change and keeps sending to the previous OS defined output. The only fix for this is to reboot wirecast. This is defined in this bug report.

    I hope that helps.

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  • Dear Greg Kuhnert

    Thank you for your reply.

    Nope, you don't understand me.


    Imagine: there is one room where the director with wirecast sits. From there we use multiviewer output to the the second room where moderators of the show sits, so they can see what's live and what's previewed. So when the director connects to the rendezvous guests, he discusses everything with them and puts them to the preview, the moderators in the studio see it and can say, ok lets talk to "mr.blablabla". "Mr.blablabla" will hear the moderators and see he's live in his rendezvous window, because rendezvous uses studio microphones, but now the question is: How the moderators will hear Mr.blabla? How to send his voice to the studio in 2nd room for the moderators to hear that? Should the moderators be another caller to the rendezvous dashboard or is there any other special audio output from wirecast to send it to the moderators in the studio? The moderators shouldn't be disturbed when the director negotiates everything before he lets them go into air.


    Thank you

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  • Petr Hudec - As per my previous comments, Wirecast has two outputs:

    1. The program/live mix which is sent to the audio interface defined in wirecast preferences.
    2. The rendezvous dashboard audio - which goes to system default audio. This will include rendezvous guest audio before they are added to any shots.

    It is up to you how you use both of those to your destinations in terms of physical monitors etc.


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  • Petr Hudec Greg touches on the possible solutions. Depending on your computer, you may want to take the computer output into a headphone splitter.

    If you want guest audio to anyone that would be coming through Rendezvous assuming your guests are all on Rendezvous of course. 

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  • Hi. I understand how you mean it. But I need the director to speak to the rendezvous guests to let them know the instructions and get prepared for the stream in 1 min etc and I don't want to disturb the moderators doing the live stream with these instructions. When everything would be prepared, the director will instruct the moderators that it's ready and will listen to the moderators to say something like "Now we've got Mr.Blabla" on connection and then he's gonna put the audio to moderators headsets and moderators screens. It's stupid to have some kind of headphone splitter and put the jack inside the splitter when there could be a nice solution inside the app. Eg. it would be great to have some USB transmitter to 2 headphones (1for each moderators - as we have 2 moderators in the studio) and the director will speak to the rendezvous through onboard audio card and microphone and when everything will be ready, he connects the rendezvous audio also to the USB transmitter to studio's headphones. I think that's the only reasonable and clean solution. Maybe you've got something easier on mind. I'm free to listen...

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  • Petr Hudec said:
    But I need the director to speak to the rendezvous guests to let them know the instructions

     He could be on the Rendezvous call. Or otherwise someone there has to be on the call to bring in the director's mic. Keep in mind not everyone on the Rendezvous call has to go live. Unlike Skype, each Rendezvous call has a separate video that can be added or combined anyway you want when creating shots.

    Basically the director can be in Rendezvous talking to everyone (hosts, guests) and they all can hear and talk to them. Obviously once their audio goes live they can't to back. 

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