Screenflow 8 Mouse Pointer Size Glitch

I have my mouse cursor size increased in: System Preference -> Accessibility -> Display


Screenflow 8 records it as a smaller size than what I see. I found the control to make it bigger, so that's fine. The problem is, when I hover over editable text, the cursor changes. The text cursor shows up full size in the recording, while the regular triangle arrow cursor shows up small. When I zoom in for the whole video to increase the size of the regular cursor, the text cursor also increases and becomes way too big.


The only solution I see is to reduce the cursor size to the minimum before doing a recording. Then I can zoom in the cursor to a larger size for my video and both the regular and text cursors will be about the same size. But I prefer having a larger cursor that's easier to see while making my video, so I hope this can be fixed.


Please either make the regular cursor appear at its actual accessibiliy-increased size, or make the text cursor appear at the small default size too. Either of those would be fine so that the cursors match each other.

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  • CraigS :


    MacOS 10.14.4 Mojave

    Screenflow 8.2.2


    The app is called Pycharm and there's a screenshot if the mouse pointer is at 100% (notice that the mouse size itself is normal, but the caret size is overblown):

  • SK Thanks for that. Fill out the Support form and include the screen shot and we'll see how the app is using the OS to display the cursor.

    ScreenFlow Support Form

  • CraigS I recall already having done that but I'll do it again just to be sure.

  • SK If you already have a case number you can follow up by email to ask for a status update.

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