Anybody else able to use the Virtual Microphone?

Last time I checked it was working but I just ran a quick confirmation in 12.1 and the virtual microphone no longer provides audio to the system microphone input.

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  • Hi Matthew. Its funny, I had previously had issues with the virtual microphone, and it was never reliable for me. On a whim, I dusted it off yesterday and used it in Wirecast as a virtual input to a GoogleHangouts stream. It worked perfectly for me, but I am using a OSX, so that could be your problem :)


  • I can confirm, in my other machine, the virtual microphone is indeed working so it looks like it's restricted to my one install. I'll have to debug further as it would seem to be not 12.1.

  • Matthew Potter Virtual Microphone may involve a separate installer so perhaps something prevented it from installing. The easiest fix is to completely uninstall and reinstall Wirecast and then try to enable Virtual Mic and see if you can or, at least, the installer pops up.

  • CraigS So the issue was that I needed to disable the virtual camera audio in the menu then re-enable it. It seems that the option being selected was causing the problem. Everything is fine now other than the fact that when the virtual mic is enabled, there is no preview audio going over the output... though I believe that is the functionality of the "feature".

  • Matthew Potter good that it's working now at least.

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