Obfuscate parts of screen

Hi guys, fresh owner of ScreenFlow6 :)

During my screen recording I added a box on top right corner that will hide mac icons, my user name and date/time. All is fine.

I added a fade to black transition on the main screen for switching to some keynote presentations. 


screen fades nicely

the obfuscation box (which is grey filled background, like my task bar) is not affected by the transition and looks awkward for 0.5 seconds (my transition time). It is not a huge deal, but If I can fix it - would be nice

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  • It depends how you've added the box.
    I use Freehand Callout and then blur what I don't want audience to read. That's on the same track as the source so that will fade with the transition.
    If you draw a box using Annotation, that appears on a separate track and you must Nest the track first before transitioning.

    You may need to describe how you're adding the box.

    This example is with Freehand Callout which blurred part of your post.

  • Here I've added an Annotation (a box in this case).
    I Nest the clip and then add a Transition Dip to Black.


  • Thank you CraigS, I will play with this tonight. I am sure I did something wrong. 


  • You're welcome of course.

  • Nesting did the trick! Tnx!!!!

  • You're welcome of course.

  • For anyone stumbling onto this page in order to censor parts of Screenflow records, as CraigS said you use Freehand Callout. The order of steps is: 

    1. Add a callout by clicking on its icon in the right hand menu.
    2. In the Callout screen, press +Action. 
    3. Click 'Freehand'. Drag the box around the area you want to obfuscate. 
    4. Set Opacity to 0%. 
    5. Set Blur to 20. 
    6. You can edit how long the blurring goes on for, by dragging the corresponding Callout clip in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. 

  • David Liu Thanks for that.

  • Follow-up question:

    If I want to blur Area A for 10 seconds, then following that also blur Area B for 5 seconds, then following that, only blur Area A  again for the last 15 seconds...

    May I do this via one Callout?, or

    Must I make 3 different Callouts, one for each different time periods?

    (I am guessing it is the latter option, though I wish it was the former option because when I try to re-blur Area A in each time period, the location of the blur doesn't exactly match the previous location and therefore looks less professional than I would like.)


  • Neil Barman You'd want to make a separate callout for each separate duration.

    You can duplicate and stack the clip. Add the Callout to each. Crop the clips to show their respective Callouts. Adjust the timing of each Callout


  • CraigS Thank you... That will work to get the desired effect (and allows for a bit more editing freedom later if needed too.)

  • Neil Barman You're welcome of course.

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