Wirecast doesn't remember AmCrest ProHD login / password

Best way to connect an AmCrest ProHD IP cam?

We have tried the two methods below but there are problems with each

DELL Alienware Computer X51 I7-2600 3.40Ghz 8GB Memory
Windows 7

METHOD 1 (doesn't work)

Web Stream > Select Existing

1) Wirecast detects Amcrest and Amcrest1 I can select either one

2) yellow square with 'x' appears (no image)

3) I access 'web stream properties'

4) Stream Authentication > Configure, I type IP camera's login, password

5) Wirecast response:  Authorization Failed: Invalid Username or Password

METHOD 2 (works, but doesn't save password)

Web Stream > NEW

1) Select RTSP (RTSP over TCP)

2) URI: rtsp://admin:{password}@

3) Stream Authentication: admin / 111111

4) Enable "Remember" checkbox

5) click "connect"

6) Video / Sound from camera works except.... except, the next time I start Wirecast a messge is displayed "Failed to connect to URI"  the logins and passwords I asked wirecast to remember, are forgotten.  

Any suggestions?

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  • Try reseting Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences.
    Start Wirecast and use a New Document and setup the camera and Remember the Authentication.
    Save the Wirecast Document and quit Wirecast.
    Open Wirecast with the saved Document and see if it remembers the password.
    If it still doesn't work please do fill out the support form. Note the steps you followed to confirm the issue.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I'm using Wirecast version 7.5.0 (30398) 64-bit

    1. I selected Wirecast > Help > Send Support 
    2. I click the "Reset Preferences" button in the lower left
    3. Wirecast displays "Wirecast must be closed to reset the preferences"
    4. I click File > Exit to close Wirecast and the form remains.
    5. I click the "Reset Preferences" button in the lower left (AGAIN)
    6. Wirecast STILL displays "Wirecast must be closed to reset the preferences"

    Any other suggestions?

  • I found the answer in the video at the link below.   The written instructions are:


    1. select File > Save As > (Name it as:) Support Clear Preferences (Save it on the desktop)
    2. select Help > Send Support information
    3. select File > Exit (to close wirecast, but leave the Support Information Dialog open)
    4. On the Support information dialog, click "Reset Preferences"

    You'll see a dialog "The preferences have been reset"

  • Charles Eglinton Yes, all you need to do is quit Wirecast. Once that window opens it's separate from Wirecast.

  • CraigS   Apparently, FORGETTING the IP camera password is  a FEATURE not a BUG.

    (Without regard to Wirecast including a [X] REMEMBER checkbox in the dialog.)

    Tech support sent to me this reply:

    "With IP cameras, the ONVIF information wouldn't be saved due to security reasons. If you didn't want someone that was using your computer, running Wirecast, to access those cameras, we wouldn't want them activating them. So that authentication wouldn't be saved."

    Shouldn't the USER should make this security choice?  Isn't this what the "REMEMBER" checkbox is for?

  •  Charles Eglinton That would be a good feature request. In fact one might want to save it or clear it (to prevent someone else from using) at any point. Please do make the feature request.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • As promised, at the link below I've written how to use (free) Unreal Media Server to always remember IP camera authentication so your Wirecast users don't have to log into every IP camera every time they start Wirecast.


  • Charles Eglinton Thanks. That's very much appreciated.

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