Wirecast 6.0.8 dynamic PNG not updating

Hello all, 

I am running Wirecast 6.0.8 on a Mac (OS X El Capitan), and am having issues with a dynamic PNG not updating. The PNG in finder, in preview, everywhere I look at it, has all of the most up to date information, however the picture shot in Wirecast is not updating, it's stuck on old information unless I delete the shot, and re-add it.

Are there extra steps needed to make the dynamic PNG update in Wirecast? 

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  • There's a couple of tests I'd like you to try.

    First, download the trial of Wirecast 7.3 and create a new document. Tell me if it updates correctly. That will let me know if this is a Wirecast 6.x specific issue.

    Second, download a demo of SuiteCG and test with their dynamic PNG since this is a common use of the function with Wirecast.

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  • Downloaded 7.3 trial, was already using SuiteCG to generate the dynamic PNG. It would appear 7.3 works only a little better with the PNG. However it's hit or miss, some updates show right away, or as it currently looks, the image in Wirecast does not match the up to date image in Finder. And lastly, I'm working with a baseball scorebug from SuiteCG, and sometimes it will pull things like runs and inning, but balls, strikes and outs, and baserunners don't update in Wirecast.

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  • Mike Ray Thanks for testing and verifying. Please do report the issue as work on improving the updating process. Fill out the support form noting you testing in both 6.0.8 and 7.3 using SuiteCG. Note the irregularity in the updating process.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • CraigS Thank you for your help on this, I have submitted a report to Wirecast.

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  • Mike Ray You're welcome of course. Please do post back any interesting response you get.

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