Return and spacebar seem not to switch shots in 7.4?

Title basically says it all - I installed 7.4 and now it's only responding to <CMD>G instead of return and spacebar. Just me?

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  • Same here, unfortunately!  馃槥

    Tried it on 2 different systems (MacPro, MacBookPro)

    Is there a timely fix or do I need to downgrade?

  • Both of you absolutely report this

    Wirecast Support Form

  • done.

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  • Thanks for doing that.

  • fyi - here's their response:


    Thank you for your reply. This is regarding your support case referencing: Return and Spacebar seem not to switch shots in 7.4.

    Hotkeys on the mac have issues and the engineers are aware of it. Currently spacebar and enter have been changed to control the transition spaces, but they currently aren't working.

    Go or what spacebar use to do, is now set to Command G and Control G on Windows, which you can see in the menu.

    We appreciate your patience in this.

    Best regards,

    Telestream Desktop Support





  • Chris Randel Thanks for posting that. It looks like the coders are investigating resolutions.

  • Oh dear, back to 7.3 until this gets fixed. A rather big oversight to release 7.4 with this glaring issue?!

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  • Coders are hard at work on this issue. Sorry about that.

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  • I just instal 7.4 but I need to goto back to 7.3, I can't take the risk 

    I guess it will be fixed in 7.5?


  • Although for many, 7.4's ability to use Facebook's Scheduling is a significant feature. For many it hinges on muscle memory since Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) G  still perform the same function. We do aim to fix this of course.

  • Indeed, significant feature! but I will wait that both work perfectly to do the update. To me it's like switching places of gaz pedal and brake (driving analogy).

    Thanks a lot

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  • Single keys for functions is the way forward. <anything> plus <anything> is a ball-ache, and frustrating if you're self-driving a live show (as we do). Not so bad if you're just driving it, but when you're onscreen (don't want to use the word "talent"!) single keys - big ones - are best!

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  • Personally I prefer single key hotkeys as well. 

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  • I have had the same problem and prefer spacebar and return button. Doing a live broadcast and trying to look down to be sure you hit "CMD" and "G" is much more difficult than hitting the spacebar.  Sometimes you can't even look down.

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  • Ben Fama Jr. Do make sure you fill out the previously posted Support Form. The greater the number of reports the greater the potential influence on priority. Although I suspect the priority might be high, seeing more reports can be helpful.

  • sigle key hotkeys are great, agree. I have a workaround for that. I use the palette gear buttons (in keyboard mode as there is no direct integration like with Adobe) and can switch between shots with a very cool button. That makes my live life very easy.

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  • Jens Jarke looks like a great customizable gadget.

  • It looks like 7.5 fixed the return and spacebar to switch shots. Anyone else experience this also?

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  • Timothy Arthur  thanks for the info, have to try it asap and report back.

  • Timothy Arthur Thanks for that confirmation.

  • Jens Jarke Pallette Gear! Very cool, thanks for the tip. A little pricey, but nice-to-have gadget. It's going on my wish list.

  • We love cool user tips and gadget recommendations.

  • Timothy Arthur finally had some time to test latest Wirecast Pro version (7.5) again.

    it looks like they have fixed the issue with space&enter on MAC. thanks!

    on PC, i still have issues, but these may be related to general instability of Wirecast 7 on windows?!

    when i run WC6.0.8PRO on this machine, everything's just running perfectly smooth.

    when i run WC7.5PRO on that same system, it is a complete nightmare! inputs of keyboard and mouse start to lag or the program does not react at all, video glitches when switching between sources, sudden crashes, .... i could go on and on, but should probably open a new thread for it.... 







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  • Chris Randel If you're having issues with WIrecast 7.5 on the same machine in which 6.0.8 runs fine, please report it. You do need to be very specific because if support can't verify and they're not getting other user reports then it may be system config related.

  • CraigS yes, of course, this is on my to do list, Craig!

    Am I the only one who is experiencing issues with Keyboard&Mouse (among others) on WC7.5PRO?


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