BUG: Small border when capturing partial screen Version 9.0.1

When capturing with a partial screen capture (from "Configure recording") the resulting video has a small black border (1 or 2 px?) on left and on top of the video.
(See attached image and red arrow, below)
As a workaround I usually cover them with rectangular annotations of the same colour of the background (document background and capture background match)… 

When a video is re-imported (video was previously rendered with ScreenFlow) and the re-exported again the colours won't match (but they look good in the editor).
The problem is that the video colour is altered but not the annotation colours resulting in bands of different colours in the exported document.


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  • Better workaround for the border: use "video cropping" (a few pixels top + left is enough).

  • Andreas Gysin The macOS and GPU may be factors so please post whether you are on 10.15.2 or 10.14.6 and the specific Mac model. If you are on an earlier version of those OSs please update and test with a new recording.

  • CraigS 
    - OS version is macOS 10.14.6
    - Computer is MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
    - I captured the window within a browser context.
    - I usually have the “Automatic graphics switching“ checkbox enabled… so it was probably running on the integrated GPU?

  • Andreas Gysin Thanks for that.
    Fill out the ScreenFlow Support Form and we'll verify on our end.

  • CraigS I think I've done my part…

  • Andreas Gysin said:
    I think I've done my part…

     Filling out the form?
    That's important because if the developers can't exactly match things, they may have follow up tests or questions for you.

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