Screenflow 6 is very frustrating!

This is a 10-second clip starting from around 5-minute into my 10-minute recording.

I'm using late 2014 iMac 27" 5K, running OSX 10.12.5. Posted my spec as photo.

The video is severely out of sync, and I couldn't get my mouse pointer click effect working.

I've tried using all different resolutions available and also tried plugging into a HD TV so it gives me 1080p option. I thought it's because the resolution was too big so it couldn't process quick enough. Nope. It doesn't even work on 1080p.

Needless to say the FCPX that I'm demonstrating is running very smoothly.

What is going on Screenflow?!

This is extremely frustrating and I've been testing for an entire day.

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  • Weird part is, the very beginning of the same clip seem to sync, the more into the video, the worse the out-of-sync problem is.

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  • Have you updated to ScreenFlow 6.2.2?
    Since many professional FCPX trainers use ScreenFlow for their tutorials I'm not sure there's in inherent issue so it may be related to your workflow.
    Full screen on a late 2014 27" iMac would be 5120 by 2880. Using an HDTV may give 1080p but it also will demand resources from the GPU which ScreenFlow may also be using.

    To test you should start with a "control" using limited resources.
    Remove all peripherals including additional monitors.
    Reboot the computer.
    Play a 1080p video in Quicktime X and do a partial screen capture of just the video.
    Then check to see if it maintains sync by playing back the screen recording in ScreenFlow.
    This will let you know if the issue is related to the resources being used in FCPX in the Quicktime X recording is OK.

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  • CraigS Abdul of customer support taught me to delete cache from the hidden Library folder. The initial test that I let FCPX run loop play a timeline was completely fine. And then today I did a tutorial session and the out-of-sync problem occurred again. You have any idea why?

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  • Ocean Ho I'm wondering if it's related to system resources. Can you test capturing just a video/audio clip playing in Quicktime X. I want to make sure this isn't FCPX resource specific. Perhaps something is corrupting the cache.

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  • CraigS OK I tested. It seems to work fine when only recording a movie file. But I did succeed playing back endlessly on my FCPX timeline. So what's the issue here?

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  • Ocean Ho It may depend on the resources used by FCPX including what is playing in the timeline as FCPX may be doing a real time decode for playback. That may be impacting the resources used by ScreenFlow.

    Since playing a movie file itself is not an issue, the next step might be testing an Apple ProRes file in FCPX since that would be the least decode resources. Do not put FCPX in full screen mode as that can also impact resources.

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  • Have you tried using Activity Monitor to observe CPU loads while recording the problematic material?

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  • Frank Lowney That's a good suggestion. Some aspects of FCPX are very GPU intensive as well. Since ScreenFlow also uses the GPU that would be another avenue to investigate (although not through Activity Monitor unfortunately).

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  • Take a look at the Energy tab in Activity Monitor and then do an export with ScreenFlow. You should see a pretty good spike. Some systems will reveal the graphics card as "high perf." Not exactly what you may want or need but a possibly useful indicator.

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  • Frank Lowney Thanks for that suggestion.

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