Video files change aspect ratio randomly

new to Wirecast and I have set up a project for FB live. Default 720 settings I have added a couple of sample videos. They appear correctly as 16X9 and work perfectly filling the screen. Then sometime later when I open the file the movies magically compress down to an incorrect aspect ratio. Looking in the inspector they seem to be still locked at 100%-100% but display squished.

Thanks for any assistance :-)


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  • Make sure you're using Wirecast 7.7, the current version.

    What are the source and frame size of the files?

    Please explain "sometime later" in more detail. Please describe it in a way that the steps can be reproduced.

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  • I am using 7.7. 

    Further testing (all at 720 output project). I have imported various media files all at 16X9 movies, some at 720 and some at 1080.

    1) import movie

    2) touch locked scale slider to adjust from 100

    Although the movie showed both X&Y were 100 percent the Y changes to a lower value e.g. 84% . movie or jpeg image is now stretched wider and flatter.

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  • Paul Shard Thanks for that description. Would you be willing to do a screen capture so we can see the steps and how this occurs?

    Output is 720. Can you confirm Canvas size as well?
    Are any of the sources 1440x1080 as opposed to 1920x1080?
    Some cameras at some settings record the former so the pixel aspect ratio is non square.

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  • Paul Shard Note the file you link to is 1600x900. While that 16x9 it's neither 720 nor 1080.
    In Wirecast with Canvas of 720, the Shot Layer Properties show 80%. Scaling up and down maintains aspect ratio.

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  • CraigS Thanks for all your effort on this. Much appreciated. At this time I can't see how to recreate the scaling problem reliably. For the movies which have this problem I have created them in FCPx at 1920X1080 but output them as clips at 1280X720 to match Wirecast and import them at that resolution.

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  • Today I created a project from scratch (as you showed) with Auto 1280 720 ratio

    I added in my three videos and they show correctly as 16X9 filling the screen... all good

    I add more still graphics (1280X720), practice my presentation , close and open project and more... all still good. 

    Then for NO REASON that I can see, the aspect is screwed up on all three videos. They show 100x100 locked ratio but do not fill the screen properly. If you touch the lock icon the y-ratio jumps to 84 and if you type in 100 it will reset it correctly. But you can't lock the ratio again or it will reset to letterbox format :-( 

    I am very sorry I cannot find a better way to describe exact steps to recreate the problem. I did not do anything to edit or modify the 3 video files I have in this project. They were all fine and then all three have got this problem. The only thing I have been doing is adding in slides on another track (4) and creating scrolling titles on track 1.

    Now they're messed up, you can press "scale to fit" or reset position and they will always return to the incorrect letterbox format. The only way to correct them is to edit each by unlocking the aspect ratio and typing "100" into the y-scale.

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  • Paul Shard Thanks for the explanation. Do fill out the support form. We may want you to send us your saved project and media to see if we can duplicate the issue on our end.

    Wirecast Support Form

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