14.0 BETA (aka 13.2 beta #3) - August 3, 2020 - The final stretch!

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(See end of this post for links to the latest 13.x builds - in case you want to roll back)

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread


Hello streamers! 

We have the next, and hopefully last, Beta for this version;  and this one has some more big fixes.

  1. Firstly, you may have noticed: 13.2 has become 14.0.
    • One reason for this change is that the document model has changed, so documents saved in this version are not backward compatible.
    • Plus - there are just so many massive fixes and features in this release, it deserves a major release status.
  2. We made some significant and cool changes to the way your videos are scaled:
    • Most importantly, we've fixed WIRE-15296 - which was causing Skype NDI sources to randomly resize.
    • Also now you can size your media bounding box precisely by specifying width and height.
    • There's a new jog-wheel scaling option for quickly resizing your bounding boxes.
    • And, we've given you some power to specify how your media should be sized within your bounding box:
      • Lock Aspect Ratio: Fills the bounding box until one side hits the edge. Will respect the aspect ratio, and will not crop your media.
      • Lock and Fill Width:  Fills the bounding box to its width. Will respect the aspect ratio, so media may end up being obscured top to bottom if your bounding box height is less than the media height (or will have letterboxing if bounding box is larger)
      • Lock and Fill Height: Fills the bounding box to its height. Will respect the aspect ratio, so media may end up being obscured on the sides if your bounding box width is less than the media width (or it will have pillar bars on either side if the bounding box is larger)
      • Stretch to Fill: Fills your bounding box, regardless of aspect ratio.

Quick example of how handy this can be: Here's a quick way to set up a 3 box shot:

  • Add 3 videos to a shot
  • Select all three layers and
    • Set each to Lock and Fill Height
    • Change each bounding box size to 426 width (assuming your canvas is 1280x720) (keep height to 720)
  • Select each bounding box separately and set their positions to -426/0, 0/0 and 426/0 respectively for the three bounding boxes.  And you should have your 3 videos in matching boxes across your canvas.

Thank you for all the feedback thus far. All the changes that have been made since the last Beta are listed below. As you can see below, we have fixed a lot of the issues you have reported as well as several other. (Full release notes are attached above).

Please keep testing and as always, post feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread.

Happy streaming!


Improvements since the last Beta

  • WIRE-17705: Removed a superfluous error message
  • WIRE-17704: Implemented a new way to scale your sources using a handy Jog Wheel widget

Fixes since the last Beta

  • WIRE-17767: Beta: Cut transitions no longer have a one-frame overlap
  • WIRE-17749: Beta: Fixed an issue that could cause Titler Live sources to disappear if set to auto-live
  • WIRE-17746: Beta: Fixed a crash on Windows that could happen when importing images
  • WIRE-17744: Beta: Now you can decorate text with a shadow AND a background
  • WIRE-17742: Beta: Fixed an issue with text that could potentially corrupt memory.
  • WIRE-17739: Beta: Fixed a damn memory leak on exit after selecting a layer in Preview
  • WIRE-17738: Beta: Fixed a crash when switching from Playlists back to the Main Shot Layers
  • WIRE-17735: Beta: Fixed a flicker in the lower left side of the UI
  • WIRE-17734: Beta: Another leak fixed - also related to clicking on empty preview
  • WIRE-17732: Beta: Cleaned up our Duplicate Shot Options menu
  • WIRE-17721: Beta: It was reported that Scale to Fit and Stretch to Fit were not working properly- we revamped that whole area anyway. Be sure to check that out.
  • WIRE-17719: Beta: The Facetime camera is no longer defaulting to the lowest option
  • WIRE-17717: Beta: Fixed an indefinite hang that happened when devices were missing
  • WIRE-17716: Beta: Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to stop responding on Windows after several hours of operation
  • WIRE-17715: Beta: Translated some text
  • WIRE-17713: Beta: Text Justify is no longer broken
  • WIRE-17111: Scaling-related fix: Rendezvous shots should no longer resize after saving and reopening
  • WIRE-17710: We dropped support for macOS 10.13, and added a warning notification that you can't install if you're not on 10.14 or later.
  • WIRE-17709: Beta: "Smooth" and "Cut" transitions are no longer choppy
  • WIRE-17699: Beta: We increased the time we attempt to synchronize incoming audio and video sources for ISO recording - in order to handle sync better.
  • WIRE-17696: Beta: Fixed an issue on Mac where certain transitions would cause all layers to transition instead of just the changed layer
  • WIRE-17688: Beta: When you add a new output destination we now don't retain the old data in the new output configuration
  • WIRE-17687: Beta: Fixed an issue during long streams that cause latency to accumulate for certain Sources
  • WIRE-17663: Fixed an issue that caused a crash with the LinkedIn OAuth Login page
  • WIRE-17642: Beta: Fixed a crash on Mac that could occur when you had a screen capture source
  • WIRE-17639: Beta: Fixed a bunch of cropping issues - including the  Control key not working
  • WIRE-17630: Beta: Added a warning when you disconnect Rendezvous sources - so you don't accidentally disconnect people.
  • WIRE-17623: Fixed a YouTube authentication issue
  • WIRE-17619: Beta: Minor change of text color on the clock to make it visible
  • WIRE-17614: Beta: If you open your document on a screen that was smaller than the one it was created on, it was opening too large to fit in window. That's been fixed
  • WIRE-17587: Beta: Typefaces and typeface shadows were being cut off by bounding box - we've made some fixes to that.
  • WIRE-17584: Beta: Fixed an issue on Windows where text was disappearing seemingly by magic
  • WIRE-17562: Beta: App UI is no longer obscured on Windows when you've scaled to >100%
  • WIRE-17546: Fixed an issue causing a shot to flicker and video freezing
  • WIRE-17537 and WIRE-16355: Fixed some audio issues when using Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro
  • WIRE-17536: Beta: More translations of text
  • WIRE-17522: Fixed another rare lockup
  • WIRE-17460: Now we impose a limit (75) on the number of layers within a shot to avoid unintentional catastrophe
  • WIRE-17303: Beta: Fixed a scaling issue where icons could be erroneously horizontally stretched
  • WIRE-17291: Fixed a Fatal Application error that could occur when streaming
  • WIRE-17243: Cleaned up our YouTube output settings adding better error messaging and streamlining the way you start/stop events
  • WIRE-17216: Documentation now correctly notes that Monitor screen capture will provide a higher frame rate source than a Window screen capture.
  • WIRE-16611: The Source Properties Panel is now labeled with the type of source
  • WIRE-16424: Wirecast no longer crashes when Windows Defender's Controlled Folder Access is enabled
  • WIRE-16124: Another scaling-related fix: Certain templates are no longer skewed
  • WIRE-15632: Beta: Enabled multi-bitrate adjustments in webstream sources for better quality
  • WIRE-15586: Fixed an issue that could cause latency to accumulate for certain Sources if they were within a playlist in the live canvas
  • WIRE-15483: Fixed an audio issue when using BlackMagic source
  • WIRE-15296: Fixed a doozie that caused Skype NDI sources to randomly resize
  • WIRE-15217: Fixed an issue on Mac where adding Chroma key was not being applied correctly to media files
  • WIRE-15213: Fixed an issue on Windows where you'd see flickering the first time you added Chroma Key to media file
  • WIRE-14453: A longstanding issue fixed with all our scaling fixes - Sources should  no longer need to be rescaled when added to a document.
  • WIRE-13376: Now we update the Rendezvous Dashboard device list when a device is removed or reconnected


Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 13.1.3 installers:



Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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