Wirecast 14.0 Released September 1, 2020

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Wirecast 14.0

Wirecast 14 is an epic release with a LOT of stability and reliability improvements. Additionally, we have several new features including an all new Chroma Key with added Luma Key and Color Key options.  

We’ve also focused on improving the experience of doing remote guest interviews by improving Rendezvous’ stability as well as adding more flexibility for what displays if your guest gets disconnected. 

Here's what to expect in Wirecast 14:

  • All new Chroma Key (with special guests Luma Key and Color Key) 
    • New options for more accurate keying, including spill suppression, edge coloring, and clipping ranges. Plus a Luma Key (useful if you have a logo with a white or black background you wish to remove), and Color key (useful for images (logos) that have non-black and non-white backgrounds).  
  • Better, more reliable incoming video source connections
    • Improved reliability for Wirecast Go, Rendezvous and webstream sources, plus efficiency improvements with GPU decoding for NDI sources  
  • Text and font improvements
    • Smoother text scrolling and a new font picker to select font variants  
  • More options when sources get disconnected 
    • When a source gets disconnected, you can now choose to replace it with transparency or a custom image 
  • Improved ability to size and scale sources
    • We’ve added new options for sizing and scaling sources, making it easier to precisely size your videos and images on the canvas. Plus, incoming sources are now scaled automatically, and will maintain their size based on settings you choose.  
  • Latency and syncing improvements 
    • We’ve made improvements to – and we've also given you more control over – the way incoming audio and video are synced together, ensuring more accurate lip-sync.  
  • Updated technologies
    • Updated to NDI 4.5, ported OpenGL to Metal on macOS, updated webstream plugin (libVLC), for improved connectivity and efficiency 
  • Better notifications and stats
    • The status bar is now moved to the bottom of the screen, giving more space to show System CPU and App CPU, as well as other streaming stats. 
  • New, improved Multiviewer
    • Updated Multiviewer with new audio meters. 
  • Plus hundreds of additional bug fixes and improvements!


Here are the release notes:

• New & Improved:

• WIRE-17882: Added an option on Wirecast Gear licenses to disable audio capture
from the capture cards.
• WIRE-17852/ WIRE-17835: Added a lock button to link the new width and height
size fields in the Video Properties tab.
• WIRE-17730: Updated Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series capture cards drivers
and SDK to version 190.1.
• WIRE-17825: Brightened the display of Stream/Record/ISO Times.
• WIRE-17705: Removed a superfluous error message.
• WIRE-17704: Implemented a new way to scale your sources using a handy Jog
Wheel widget.
• WIRE-17674: Add a visual example to the documentation of the Countdown Clock
Display Gear icon menu.
• WIRE-17666: Removed Auto-Canvas option as it was confusing and no longer
serving a useful purpose. New documents will default to 720p. Older documents will be set at their actual canvas size, and you’ll get a warning if your output resolutions don’t match your canvas size.
• WIRE-17628: We updated some code to make our capture card inputs more efficient for Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series.
• WIRE-17617: Updated the highlight color for Windows buttons to be less obnoxious than the bright green.
• WIRE-17610: Clarified a bit of wording on Chromakey Properties.
• WIRE-17594: Added support for Snap Camera.
• WIRE-17586: Improved the design of the NDI GPU encoding toggle button to
make it clearer which was off, and which was on.
• WIRE-17585: Added a checkbox option in Advanced Preferences to allow you to
reconnect live shots automatically if they get disconnected. Defaults to checked.
• WIRE-17577: Implemented a system of fixed latency for selecting the video &
audio frames to render for each source. As part of this, we added a new text field to the Advanced section of the Preferences that will let you specify the Global Input Latency Wirecast should use. Lower latency means more possibility of audio blips; longer latency means more delay before video & audio are shown.
• WIRE-17556: We added an option to disconnect all peers when ending a Rendezvous session
• WIRE-17533: Added the ability to set a LinkedIn Live event to "Public" or "Private".
• WIRE-17467: Added a font face pop up to more accurately select font variations.
• WIRE-17451: Updated the term "Audio Interface" to the more descriptive "Audio
Playback" for clarity.
• WIRE-17432: Now we allow you to create a custom encoder when outputting to
Facebook Live.
• WIRE-17325: Added a tooltip to help explain the Facebook Optimize Connection
• WIRE-17318: We no longer notify you when a new update comes out if your OS is
not supported.
• WIRE-17317/WIRE-17238: Updated the button placement in the Rendezvous dashboard to prevent you from unintentionally starting a new session when you meant to connect to a previous session.
• WIRE-17313: Made a minor update to the Vimeo Output API.
• WIRE-17277: Enabled GPU decoding for NDI sources.
• WIRE-17260/WIRE-16693: Updated our Solid Color overlay functionality with a
fancy new GPU-accelerated one.
• WIRE-17229: Gave a minor makeover to our "Add Source" Window layout.
• WIRE-17197: Implemented a number of changes to improve the reconnection
behavior of Wirecast Go when used as a source.
• WIRE-17190: Smoothed out audio from sources when connecting and
• WIRE-17077: Updated to NDI SDK 4.5.
• WIRE-17019: Wirecast now opens at the size of the screen instead of at a certain
size in the top left corner of the screen
• WIRE-16972: Made some under-the-hood improvements to the Audio Mixer,
which should result in an improved efficiency and reduced CPU load.
• WIRE-16933: Upgraded our Webstream plugin (libVLC) to version 3.0.8.
• WIRE-16930/ WIRE-16734/ WIRE-6613 /WIRE-14: Introducing Chroma Key v2:
Added new features to our Chroma Key to enable more accurate keying, including
spill suppression, edge coloring, clipping ranges and more.
• WIRE-16929: Introducing Color Key: Added a new Color Key feature which keys
using colors in the RGB space. Useful for images (logos) that have non-black and
non-white backgrounds.
• WIRE-16928: Introducing Luma Key: Added a new Luma Key feature which sets
the image alpha based on the intensity (y) value, ignoring the color (U and V) values. This is useful if you have a logo with a white or black background you wish to remove.
• WIRE-16925/WIRE-12741/WIRE-16650: Rebuilt our Mulitviewer, and in the process, added some cool new audio meters.
• WIRE-16847: Implemented a menu & menu items under the 'Switch' menu that restores the toggle functionality of Layers in the Main Shot Display area.
• WIRE-16783: Rebuilt the Shot Layers User Interface- you’ll notice some snappier animations and a subtle new look.
• WIRE-16749: Added support for new "made for Kids" guidelines in YouTube destination.
• WIRE-16739: Improve the Output Statistics for RTMP Destinations.
• WIRE-16732: Changed the way we store/show your document thumbnail, to
reduce file size.
• WIRE-16699: Rewrote our text widget to, among other things, improve
performance and smoothness of scrolling text.
• WIRE-16663: There is now a 'Delete all' button in the Asset Manager window to
remove all missing assets at once.
• WIRE-16648: Switched from the Apple-deprecated OpenGL render engine to Metal
on macOS.
• WIRE-16129: Major improvements in the way Wirecast sizes incoming video
sources. This, along with the new ways you can resize your videos and bounding boxes, should make it much easier to get your media precisely the size you want it to be.
• WIRE-15995/WIRE-17442: We moved the status bar to the bottom of the main document UI to free up space at the top. It will show System CPU, bitrate, dropped frames, viewer count, Facebook reactions and Telestream Cloud status.
• WIRE-15915: Added the ability to bring in an NDI audio only source.
• WIRE-15584: Added an "Add All" button in Rendezvous to more efficiently add all
guests at once.
• WIRE-14979: We now allow you to set In and Out points on your Custom
(Stinger) transitions.
• WIRE-14072: We added an improvement so that all sources appear and disappear
from the source list while the Add Source dialog is showing, so you no longer need
to close and reopen the dialog to see updates.
• WIRE-12911: Improved experience when a shot gets disconnected. You now have
the option for disconnected shots to be replaced with the red question mark, a
transparency, or an image of your choice.

• Fixes

• WIRE-17879: Fixed an issue with drop shadows on Windows.
• WIRE-17869: Fixed a word wrapping issue that could occur when specifying
Width/Height on macOS.
• WIRE-17864: Fixed a transition issue on macOS when transitioning media with a
drop shadow.
• WIRE-17863: Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when dragging the Edge
Color slider in the Chroma Key properties tab.
• WIRE-17862: Dragging shots on the Main Shot display should no longer cause
Wirecast to become unresponsive on Windows.
• WIRE-17861: Fixed an issue where clicking “Apply Default” could cause the
Chroma Key to stop updating.
• WIRE-17855: Squashed a crash that could occur when adding a Text shot then
adding a Title shot.
• WIRE-17854: Fixed a crash on that could happen when you quit Wirecast.
• WIRE-17853: The lock icon on the Shot Layer Properties was inconsistent between
macOS and Windows. Not they match.
• WIRE-17881/WIRE-17849: Fixed some missing translations.
• WIRE-17845: We updated our trace log to be more useful to us in diagnosing
• WIRE-17838: The Chroma Key dropper samples were not always aligned with the
mouse cursor – now they are.
• WIRE-17833: Fixed a crash on macOS when saving a document if there were
unused assets that were created from the Rendezvous Dashboard.
• WIRE-17826: Removed some embarrassing text use for testing only.
• WIRE-17808/ WIRE-17807: Fixed a crash that could happen when dragging JPEG
directly onto Shot Layers Tab.
• WIRE-17806: Fixed another crash that could happen when switching between
Playlist tab and Main Shot tab with certain legacy documents.
• WIRE-17805: Playlists were missing their thumbnail images – we found them and
put them back.
• WIRE-17802: Scale-to-Fit button was not doing what it was supposed to do when
assets had a crop applied. Now it’s behaving.
• WIRE-17796: Removed references in our User Guide to an old feature involving the ability to move between Keynote slides in Wirecast.
• WIRE-17793: We brightened display of timecode for media playback in Live – you're welcome Barrie.
• WIRE-17791: Fixed an error where YouTube accounts with no upcoming events would show “Error retrieving streams from server”.
• WIRE-17790: Fixed an issue with our new Chroma/Luma/Color Key where in one Beta version it was making the subject partially transparent.
• WIRE-17783: Loading Wheel no longer appears when transitioning from Clear Layer to any shot on macOS.
• WIRE-17782: Stinger Transitions are now scaled properly in the “Manage Stinger Transitions” menu.
• WIRE-17771: Improved the error message that you’d get if you previewed an event on YouTube, and then went back to Wirecast and tried to enable Auto-Start for that event.
• WIRE-17767: Cut transitions no longer have a one-frame overlap
• WIRE-17749: Fixed an issue that could cause Titler Live sources to disappear if
set to auto-live
• WIRE-17746: Fixed a crash on Windows that could happen when importing
• WIRE-17744: Now you can decorate text with a shadow AND a background
• WIRE-17742: Fixed an issue with text that could potentially corrupt memory.
• WIRE-17739: Fixed a damn memory leak on exit after selecting a layer in Preview
• WIRE-17738: Fixed a crash when switching from Playlists back to the Main Shot
• WIRE-17735: Fixed a flicker in the lower left side of the UI
• WIRE-17734: Another leak fixed - also related to clicking on empty preview
• WIRE-17732: Cleaned up our Duplicate Shot Options menu
• WIRE-17721: It was reported that Scale to Fit and Stretch to Fit were not working
properly- we revamped that whole area anyway. Be sure to check that out.
• WIRE-17719: The Facetime camera is no longer defaulting to the lowest option
• WIRE-17717: Fixed an indefinite hang that happened when devices were missing
• WIRE-17716: Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to stop responding on
Windows after several hours of operation
• WIRE-17715: Translated some text
• WIRE-17713: Text Justify is no longer broken
• WIRE-17111: Scaling-related fix: Rendezvous shots should no longer resize after
saving and reopening
• WIRE-17710: We dropped support for macOS 10.13 and added a warning
notification that you can't install if you're not on 10.14 or later.
• WIRE-17709: "Smooth" and "Cut" transitions are no longer choppy
• WIRE-17699: We increased the time we attempt to synchronize incoming audio
and video sources for ISO recording - in order to handle sync better.
• WIRE-17696: Fixed an issue on Mac where certain transitions would cause all
layers to transition instead of just the changed layer
• WIRE-17688: When you add a new output destination, we now don't retain the old data in the new output configuration
• WIRE-17687: Fixed an issue during long streams that cause latency to accumulate for certain Sources
• WIRE-17677: Fixed several small memory leaks on macOS.
• WIRE-17663: Fixed crash that could occur when opening the LinkedIn Login page
on certain machines
• WIRE-17663: Fixed an issue that caused a crash with the LinkedIn OAuth Login
• WIRE-17662: Output Settings sidebar was not updating when the destination was
changed. Now it does.
• WIRE-17658/WIRE-17641: Fixed an issue where deleting a Playlist could cause
Wirecast to enter a state where Shots could not be selected.
• WIRE-17646: If you set a delay on your Video Shot it will no longer reset itself
• WIRE-17643: Fixed a bug where if you selected Configure Monitor and then
System Audio Capture your Config Monitor selection would get reverted to your
previous selection.
• WIRE-17642: Fixed a crash on Mac that could occur when you had a screen
capture source
• WIRE-17640: Removed Syphon Inject from User Guide.
• WIRE-17639: Fixed a bunch of cropping issues - including the Control key not
• WIRE-17633: We've removed Syphon Frame as a Source Option. Syphon
depends on the OpenGL framework, (which Apple is in the process of deprecating), and as of version 14.0, we've moved Wirecast to the Metal framework, which is not compatible with Syphon.
• WIRE-17630: Added a warning when you disconnect Rendezvous sources - so you don't accidentally disconnect people.
• WIRE-17629: Removed use of the word "Master" in Wirecast and documentation in favor of Main Shot Bin and Main Audio Mixer.
• WIRE-17627: Fixed drop shadows being upside down on macOS.
• WIRE-17623: Fixed a YouTube authentication issue.
• WIRE-17622: The "Remove when finished" option for media playback works again.
• WIRE-17619: Minor change of text color on the clock to make it visible
• WIRE-17614: If you open your document on a screen that was smaller than the
one it was created on it was opening too large to fit in window. That's been fixed.
• WIRE-17609: Fixed a minor issue that would result in Chromakey being selected
when you meant to select Lumakey.
• WIRE-17608: Stinger Transitions now maintain their alpha channels
• WIRE-17605: Fixed a rare crash that could happen when a Rendezvous Guest
joined a session.
• WIRE-17603/WIRE-17286/WIRE-16571: Fixed an issue that would cause capture
cards to switch sources each time you rebooted your computer. See NOTE below.
• WIRE-17599: Fixed a crash that would occur when starting a Rendezvous Session
when a disconnected audio source was in the Live Program Out Mix.
• WIRE-17598: Fixed a crash when changing the Solid Color sources’ width or height to zero.
• WIRE-17593: Removed forced bold, italic and bold italic from fonts that don’t support them.
• WIRE-17592: Fixed another rare crash on Windows.
• WIRE-17590: Teradek Sources no longer autofill Host, Port and Stream Name.
• WIRE-17588: Fixed an issue on Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series where the
capture cards could drop bits of incoming audio.
• WIRE-17587: Typefaces and typeface shadows were being cut off by bounding
box - we've made some fixes to that.
• WIRE-17584: Fixed an issue on Windows where text was disappearing seemingly
by evil magic
• WIRE-17580/WIRE-17578: Mattes now work again.
• WIRE-17282: Manual focus on NDI PTZ control now works.
• WIRE-17576: Fixed a crash when switching shots with certain transitions if the
Rendezvous Live Output camera was set to the Document’s output.
• WIRE-17574: Fixed rare crash on Windows.
• WIRE-17564: Fix rare crash when switching shots to a Rendezvous Guest that has
• WIRE-17562: The app UI is no longer obscured on Windows when you've scaled to
• WIRE-17553: Fixed rare crash that could occur when a Dynamic Destination sends
Wirecast an invalid XML file.
• WIRE-17546: Fixed an issue causing a shot to flicker and video to freeze
• WIRE-17537 and WIRE-16355: Fixed some audio issues when using Elgato Game
Capture HD60 Pro
• WIRE-17536: More translations of text
• WIRE-17527/ WIRE-16883: Fixed rare crash at quit on macOS.
• WIRE-17525: Fixed a bug where you could inexplicably no longer manipulate
shots using your mouse
• WIRE-17522: Fixed another rare lockup
• WIRE-17512: In the Audio Properties panel, it turns out changes made to the gain
channel sliders were not being sent live.
• WIRE-17490: The Select Screen Region feature of Screen Capture now works
again on macOS.
• WIRE-17489: Fixed a few issues with text scrolling that were known issues in Beta
• WIRE-17465: Fixed an issue where output destination names would rebel, if left
unnamed, and take over a name from an existing destination.
• WIRE-17463/ WIRE-17420/ WIRE-16591/ WIRE-15317: Satisfyingly, fixed a
number of rare crashes that could occur when switching shots.
• WIRE-17460: Now we impose a limit (75) on the number of layers within a shot
(for your own good).
• WIRE-17448: Removed Studio badges from Wirecast UI.
• WIRE-17441: Fixed a possible audio sync issue stemming from the capture cards
in Wirecast Gear 300 and 400 series.
WIRE-17440: Updated the Facebook Live API to make it possible to schedule a live event on Facebook from Wirecast again.
• WIRE-17427/WIRE-13538: Resolved a crash that could occur if you added more than 49 layers to a shot.
• WIRE-17412: Fixed a very rare hang when deleting a replay layer.
• WIRE-17408/ WIRE-17334: Fixed an issue that would let you close a document without saving some source properties settings - thus causing you to lose those
• WIRE-17378/WIRE-17213: Fixed issue where your text and clock shots would
suddenly go missing.
• WIRE-17373: Auto-Canvas was sometimes reporting the wrong resolution.
• WIRE-17343: Added a font face pop up to more accurately select font variations.
• WIRE-17323: Fixed a confusing error that would show a Wirecast crash error upon
• WIRE-17315: The websocket connection to the server was closing unexpectedly
when using a VPN service with Rendezvous. So now we add a periodic ping to
keep the websocket connection alive.
• WIRE-17304: Restricted Virtual Camera to only output from one document at a
• WIRE-17303: Fixed a scaling issue where icons could be erroneously horizontally
• WIRE-17302: Input fields in Output Settings are no longer unresponsive following
a single factor authentication failure.
• WIRE-17291: Fixed a Fatal Application error that could occur when streaming
• WIRE-17279: Fixed a crash that could occur if your document freaked out and got
into a state where it wasn't ready for the next action. This could occur when attempting a screen capture when an audio driver is not installed, or you have shots programmed to an Elgato StreamDeck.
• WIRE-17261/ WIRE-17174: NDI audio can now be sent joyously and distortion- free to Rendezvous participants
• WIRE-17259: Wirecast no longer fails silently when attempting to connect to a scan converter source that’s larger than 8K.
• WIRE-17256: Now we don’t prompt you twice to overwrite saved documents on macOS Catalina.
• WIRE-17243: Cleaned up our YouTube output settings adding better error messaging and streamlining the way you start/stop events
• WIRE-17236: Icons were incorrectly displaying mute in a browser connection when entering a Rendezvous session.
• WIRE-17226: Updated the Media File icons are the same in the Add Source dialog.
• WIRE-17216: Documentation now correctly notes that Monitor screen capture will
provide a higher frame rate source than a Window screen capture.
• WIRE-17210: Fixed a minor memory leak in the YouTube Destination.
• WIRE-17201: YouTube is deprecating the StreamNow functionality. All YouTube
live streams must now be done through events. So we changed some stuff related to that.
• WIRE-17196: Worked around an issue where the NDI HX app provides invalid audio timestamps when sending to Windows.
• WIRE-17192: We disabled the Facebook Speed test when streaming via Wirecast Restream since the location wasn't local and optimizations were invalid
• WIRE-17189: Emojis, and other characters are showing correctly again in Rendezvous.
• WIRE-17169: Added a notification when attempting to install on Windows 8.x. (Psst: It requires Windows 10 or higher).
• WIRE-17164: Canvas Size limitations are now enforced when using custom presets.
• WIRE-17150: If your document was saved with a layer off in a previous version of Wirecast, and opened in Wirecast 13, the layer would not appear. We found your missing layer and brought it home.
• WIRE-17148/WIRE-17075: Fixed a rare crash when running the app in the background on macOS.
• WIRE-17142: When sending live captions through our WebServices platform, certain platforms are not handling b-frames correctly resulting in garbled captions. To account for that, we added new "Cloud Captioning" encoding presets that turn b-frames off and increase bit rate (to account for inherent quality loss of turning off b-frames).
• WIRE-17278: Now your encoding preset won’t spontaneously change after you create an event.
• WIRE-17133: Add documentation for sources that can be used with ISO Recording.
• WIRE-17126: Selected transition was not used when using Keyboard Shortcuts when AutoLive was enabled.
• WIRE-17124: Add ability to Screen Capture hardware accelerated applications on Windows 10 1903 and higher. Examples are Chrome, Firefox and Zoom.
• WIRE-17095: Improve the peak bitrate behavior of the Apple H.264 encoder. This fix only applies to macOS 10.15+.
• WIRE-17087: Fixed an error in the YouTube API caused by the reported user's region being unsupported
• WIRE-17084: Facebook recently made changes to Groups that restricts any app from accessing certain features, such as the Live API, until an admin grants access to the app. We updated our error message for this so you might actually know what it means and what to do about it.
• WIRE-17080: Increased the efficiency of data calls for Facebook scheduled events
• WIRE-17065: Fixed an issue using audio interfaces with Rendezvous on macOS.
• WIRE-17063: Improved resiliency when dealing with apps that feed us video
timestamps that are off from the audio timestamps (e.g. JustWifiCam on iOS).
• WIRE-17055: Fixed a crash that could occur while setting up a YouTube event
• WIRE-16994: There were some unnecessary horizontal scroll bars on Windows
that we removed. Now you won’t be tempted to scroll when you can’t.
• WIRE-16973: Made some under-the-hood fixes to reduce CPU on Mac
• WIRE-16963/WIRE-16904: Fixed an issue where sources on your Live and Preview would scale to 1/4 when dragging your document from one monitor to another on macOS.
• WIRE-16924: Added trace logs to improve our ability to track errors to YouTube streaming.
• WIRE-16917: Fixed issue where icons in the Main Shot Display were not handled consistently across audio sources and in some cases were not respecting the addition/removal of layers containing audio
• WIRE-16912: Fixed a horizontal misalignment of Bitrate in the Output Statistics
• WIRE-16911: Fixed horizontal alignment of Channel in the Rendezvous Audio
Mixer in certain languages.
• WIRE-16910/WIRE-16905/WIRE-16903 /WIRE-16707/WIRE-16784: Fixed a
variety of missing translations.
• WIRE-16908: Made our error message more understandable if you were to select
Live Captions without having Telestream Cloud Settings selected.
• WIRE-16907/WIRE-16826: Fixed a couple of error messages that were displaying
incorrectly, especially when in dark mode.
• WIRE-16906: Fixed text overflow in the Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences Pane in
certain languages.
• WIRE-16869: Made some changes to the YouTube destination to more elegantly
handle accounts that don't have pre-existing events
• WIRE-16835: Fixed the layout of our Support Assistant in several languages.
• WIRE-16825: Fixed a rare hang when exiting to Multiviewer while ingesting a
BlackMagic source.
• WIRE-16820: Added CPU data to the trace log on exit.
• WIRE-16811: Added a manual configuration option for audio sample rate that will
let you pick the value that matches your incoming source. (Note: you can only configure the audio sample rate when automatic format detection is disabled. We do this to prevent people (we won't name names) who don't know what they're doing, to set it to 196kHz - because they may think bigger is better - and then call support or get stuck because they don't understand what's happening. So, yeah. We're restricting this for your own good. When format detection is enabled, we assume the audio is 48 kHz.)
• WIRE-16799: Crash when declining a macOS prompt to install Osaka font.
• WIRE-16779: Fixed a crash that would occur when stopping two live streams to
• WIRE-16778: Fixed an issue playing audio from WASAPI devices.
• WIRE-16776: We've taken some extraordinary measures to ensure that web
stream sources stay connected and don't freeze in Wirecast - even if they restart, end, enter an error state or we stop receiving data for any number of reasons. We now try our darnedest to reconnect.
• WIRE-16768: Output Settings UI has some minor alignment issues on macOS.
• WIRE-16763: Fixed a crash that could occur if you had a hotkey with no name,
and you right-clicked a shot.
• WIRE-16762: Fixed an issue that could occur when using a source that produces
JPEG frames, on a computer that is not fast enough to decode them in real-time.
The result was a backlog of frames that would cause the source's video to be delayed and out of sync with any live audio. (This could've also happened when deinterlacing video from a task source (though less likely since deinterlacing is relatively quick).
• WIRE-16760: Wirecast was trying to use deselected/unused output destinations when Live Captions was selected. It won't do that anymore.
• WIRE-16747: Fixed our copyright date in the About window.
• WIRE-16745: Flash is dead. We're not going to warn you that it's not installed
• WIRE-16713: Reconfigured NDI Output to avoid "clocking" the output which was
intended to help file-based outputs but effectively slowed down real-time sources,
resulting in for example, dropped frames at 1080p60.
• WIRE-16694: Reconfigured NDI Output, which effectively improved several
issues- one of which was an observed A/V sync issue on NDI Out.
• WIRE-16684: Fixed an issue that cause no video from the Logitech B910 when
using Motion JPEG.
• WIRE-16643: The option to move a shot from a Playlist back to the Main Shot
list... is back.
• WIRE-16627: Fixed an issue where Scheduled Events in YouTube were going live
• WIRE-16613: Restored the ability for keyboard navigation in dialog boxes on
• WIRE-16611: The Source Properties Panel is now labeled with the type of source
• WIRE-16588: Fixed some artifacts that could appear when interacting with your
• WIRE-16457/ WIRE-15874: Implemented auto-reconnect for webstream sources if
they unexpectedly disconnect
• WIRE-16424: Wirecast no longer crashes when Windows Defender's Controlled
Folder Access is enabled
• WIRE-16306: Fixed an issue where you could drop frames after enabling Chroma
• WIRE-16237: Fixed an issue that would cause NVENC encoding to fail on certain
laptops with dual GPUs.
• WIRE-16124: Another scaling-related fix: Certain templates are no longer skewed
• WIRE-16020: Fixed it so that frames are no longer being dropped on certain
• WIRE-15781: Now, modifying the canvas size does not cause the Multiviewer to
stop updating.
• WIRE-15729: Now, when an ISO/replay recording's source becomes unavailable,
the recording stops and must be manually restarted. User is informed of the
stoppage via the status bar.
• WIRE-15632: Beta: Enabled multi-bitrate adjustments in webstream sources for
better quality.
• WIRE-15586: Fixed an issue that could cause latency to accumulate for certain
Sources if they were in a playlist in the live canvas.
• WIRE-15483: Fixed an audio popping issue when using Blackmagic source.
• WIRE-15296: Fixed a doozie that caused Skype NDI sources to randomly resize.
• WIRE-15217: Fixed an issue on Mac where Chroma key was not being applied
correctly to media files.
• WIRE-15213: Fixed an issue on Windows where you'd see flickering the first time
you added Chroma Key to media file.
• WIRE-15091: Adding a video clip to a Playlist causes the Scrubber Bar to remain
• WIRE-14983: Fix very rare crash that could occur when activating a license on
• WIRE-14633: Users are now prompted to install the Telestream Audio driver when
adding a System Audio Capture shot on macOS.
• WIRE-14511: We now require a subject to be entered in order to submit zip
support file. Our Support department thanks you for that.
• WIRE-14453: A longstanding issue fixed with all our scaling fixes - Sources should
no longer need to be rescaled when added to a document.
• WIRE-14277: Duplicate sources no longer show when adding an iOS camera
• WIRE-13376: Now we update the Rendezvous Dashboard device list when a
device is removed or reconnected
• WIRE-12047: Updated the names of some of the properties for text shadow for
more clarity.
• WIRE-11406: Completely rewrote our text widget, which has greatly improved the
quality of text scrolling.
• WIRE-6042: Now we provide a warning in output settings if folder you're trying to
save to doesn't exist.

Known Issues
• NOTE: As part of the fix for WIRE-17286, on BlackMagic devices, we now identify them via hardware ID instead of enumeration order. The fallout is that if you have a document that once referred to one piece of hardware it may fail to initially reference a different piece of hardware. The workaround is to use the asset manager to replace the references to the new hardware. Once done, that document should save your new sources as expected.

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