Save As to Same Directory

Many times, people use Save As for a version update v1, v2, etc...

It would be great - and a timesaver from clicking through all the folders to just be able to Save As into the directory of the file you're already working in.

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    • CraigS
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Please explain in more details so the developers can understand exactly how you want it to work.
    Would it remember the location while you have Wirecast open or each time you open Wirecast or follow some other pattern?

  • In my instance, it would useful if it would follow the file that I am working on. As I create shows, I get requests for things that they think they want, or that the producer of that particular show thinks they might want. Rather than messing up my working base file, I save V1, V2, V3 as the OP mentioned. Sometimes I am creating multiple saves a day. While not a huge time waste, it would certainly make it much easier if it were to default to the location of the current file, especially as depending on the client, there show folder may be 3 or more folders deep (at least the way my company organizes our folders).  

    Thank you.

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