Replays being created in middle of shot layer instead of at end

Specs at the bottom, I am recording 6/7 replay ISOs and in the past when I would trigger the hotkey the replay would be created at the end of the layer I had selected it to be created on. I am not sure if its something I did or a new bug in an upgrade, but now the replay is being created in the middle of the layer. 

It ends up making a mess of my layer, and its easier for me to lose track of which was the "last" replay created. 

Specs are:

Wirecast: Version 14.3.4

Model Name: iMac Pro

Running Monteray 12.2.1

Model Identifier: iMacPro1,1

  Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Xeon W

  Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz

  Number of Processors: 1

  Total Number of Cores: 8

  L2 Cache (per Core): 1 MB

  L3 Cache: 11 MB

  Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled

  Memory: 32 GB

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  • Replays can be set to go to a designated Main Layer (not Shot Layer) and a Shot Template so it's not clear to me how you have set up your replay. 

    In my testing, both Program Replay and ISO Replay are added at the end of the Main Layer.

  • Sorry I meant to say Main layer. It's set to go to Main layer 1 but it pops up in the middle. I am going to re-install Wirecast and let you know if the problem persists. 

  •  It's still doing it, so I screen recorded it. 

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      Trevor Thanks for demonstrating the issue. Now we'd need to know how it got into that state.
      Can you create a new document (keep it as simple as possible) and repeat the steps doing a screen recording so we can follow. If the steps are repeatable we may want a copy of the new document. Perhaps it's something about the other shots in Main Shot Layer or the order of operation.

  • Yes, first chance I get. I have an event today and tomorrow.

    It's probably something I did that triggered a bug somewhere. I haven't tried within a new document to see if it still does then. The project that I use with the ISO replays is a project I re-use for multiple games because the graphics are all the same.

    It might actually not hurt to just "rebuild" the project and it might solve the issue outright. 

  • Trevor said:
    Yes, first chance I get. I have an event today and tomorrow.



    Trevor said:
    It's probably something I did that triggered a bug somewhere.

     We haven't seen this reported by anyone else but it's clearly something that can happen. It would be interesting if even an "odd" set of steps reproduced it.

    BTW I wonder if you move the shots to a new Main Layer (layer 2 for example) would the issue follow?

  • It does. 

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