Wirecast 12.2 with zoom streaming multilanguage

Hello all!


iam using wirecast 12.2 and zoom to stream a zoom meeting to social media sites. The zoom meeting will use the zoom option of translation, that will say that there is a person who translates the meeting and in zoom (as listener) you can choose your preferred language. thats pretty straight forward...

now, my problem is i want to to stream the zoom content to social media sites with Dacast, i do that with virtual camera out and screen capture, all that works beside iam looking for a solution to stream as well in mulitlanguage.

One option would be to set up to streams but i just can use one zoom session, so that won't work- since i need to select in zoom the language.

What other option i have?

i probably would need like kind of a virtual audio out and then select in the wirecast out the proper audio channel, any hint how i can solve that?


thanks in advanced!!

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  • At this point, with rare exceptions, you'd have to do separate streams. Very few CDNs support multiple separate language audio channels. 

    If Zoom only presents one translated language then that's all you can have. Zoom would have to be able to send multiple separate languages independently.

  • ok, so i understand that or i will need to do two separate  streams (from two separate computers) since i can just have one zoom session available per computer, that would be the only solution, right>?

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      Klaus Wirecast can run two documents at the same time on one computer with different sources in each but you'd still need to run zoom on two computers though. If only Zoom could provide two separate audio-outs it would be much easier.

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