Rendezvous: Session connection failed. Attempt to reconnect failed.

Easily selected and connected 2 Wirecast Go iPads, but only black screen displays for each in Wirecast 14.3.4 MacOS, Monterey 12.1, MacBookPro, 13 inch M1.

Worked great the past few months with up to 6 iPads, using Big Sur on Mac, but stopped after Monterey upgrade on Mac.

See screen shots.  Support report is attached. Reinstalled Wirecast Go on each iPad, enabled "Always Allow", etc. Reset preferences on Wirecast Mac app.

We have a great WiFi network.  Firewall is off on the MacBook. Cameras are enabled on iPads.  Is there some port that the network is suddenly blocking? (our tech guy isn't aware of any changes)

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Bryen Travis said:
    Wirecast Go iPads

     iPads are not officially supported with Wirecast Go. The App Store lists iPhone with no iPad listed. They may or may not work but there's a number of variables. I'm not sure Monterey would have any impact on iPad specifically.

    First confirm your iOS version. Updates to that might have had an impact.

    Confirm on an iPhone to make sure this is an iPad-specific issue.

    Also, you may want to check from another local computer as a guest to confirm you're not having a Rendezvous issue rather than a Wirecast Go iPad issue.



    That said. I do have an iPad Pro and an M1 13' MBP on Monterey 12.1 so I'll test it's functionality to confirm.

  • iPad Pro, iOS 15.2
    Wirecast Go
    M1 MBP 13", Wirecast 14.3.4, mocOS Monterey 12.1
    Works for me.


  • Ok. Confirmed the same problem with an iPhone.  

    But also tested that the connection DOES work on my home router with iPads and iPhone.  I'm assuming that some port is recently being blocked on my work network, coincidentally with the Monterey upgrade.

    Sigh.  Will need to wait until after the holidays for the tech guy to respond.

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      Bryen Travis Sometimes these issues are user account specific (a setting change with the update). You can try creating a new admin user account and test in the new account.

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