What Should Happen If I Lose Internet While Streaming

Twice recently I've lost internet service while streaming a performance and it didn't return until after my performance has ended. I also record direct to the hard drive so I keep going until the performance ends. Both times this has happened, the stream button has turned red and Wirecast has continued to function as normal, until I try to end the stream or recording. When I try to end the stream or recording, wirecast freezes and ultimately crashes. I'm working through the issue with tech support, but I'm wondering what "should" happen AND if my internet came back up should I be able to reconnect to my streams? I am considering setting up a mobile hot spot incase this happens again, but if I can't reconnect to the stream after a temporary loss then it seems pointless. Any input is appreciated.



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  • Look into a bonded cellular device by Teradek or LiveU.  Uses wired network, wireless, cellular (and recommended 2 different cellular carriers).  Good luck.

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  • I use some bonding devices. They are great and really secure your connection and thus your stream and client and revenue. In the beginning these devices look expensive but if you get money for streaming a client event you want to keep the client and invest ina secure connection.

  • Keith Kennedy said:
    if my internet came back up should I be able to reconnect to my streams?

     The timeouts for some services are very short. Others a bit longer. Basically, it depends on the service.

    Keith Kennedy said:
    I am considering setting up a mobile hot spot

    How reliable that is may depend on the local cell service you chose and the venue. Keep in mind if many people are using the same provider the local cell tower may be congested. 

    That's why the recommendations on bonded services are good. Some of the devices are becoming affordable if you use them regularly. You can rent them as well. The advantage is that they use multiple bonded connections often across multiple providers. The less expensive units can use two cell providers. The more expensive units can use 4, 6, or more.

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