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I have a client who wants a symposium live streamed. Five rooms simultaneously. I would be hired to run the stream. Camera and audio crew provided. Of course, there may be tech conflicts or issues, but assuming all the tech works out (cameras and audio all work fine and get feed to my switcher)...



Ideally they want all five streams running simultaneously. And the view could pick which "room" to enter and what. I am thinking maybe Zoom or Crowdcast as they have "breakout" rooms. But not sure how to get separate camera streams into each room.

The other option is to have five seperate streams but that would be a bitch to manage. There must be some platform out there that allows five cameras to broadcast to five virtual rooms? Yes? 



This is a three day event. I would likely get there a day early to set up and test. I would be providing the streaming equipment (switcher, software and probably an assortment of cables, wireless devices and the like).

Anybody have an idea of the going rate for something like this? 

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  • It's not clear if there's a location with five physical rooms or is this all "virtual" (presenters are in their own homes).

    Steve Vick said:
    The other option is to have five seperate streams but that would be a bitch to manage.

    I don't see how you avoid it unless you're only streaming one "room." All must be available if the viewer is to chose.

    I don't think Zoom streams breakout rooms separately and if you have to do it you may need to screen capture each simultaneously which is still five streams.

      • Steve Vick
      • Steve_Vick
      • 9 days ago
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      CraigS it would be five physical rooms. It looks like CrowdCast may be able to do this. But it is going to be a lot to manage. Basically five "host" each with their own cameras and screenshares and etc... Not sure how to even bill for all this...

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 8 days ago
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      Steve Vick You could send five rooms to one Wirecast computer with five documents although we haven't tested with that many. It would have to be a very powerful system to run five documents. Otherwise, each room streams independently.

  • I would look at Boxcast.  At one point they were offering multiple streams.  The other option is to have 5 Zoom accounts.  If you are to manage 5 streams, I would have 5 computers, with 5 wirecast running.  Charge as much as you can.  I would start at $1,000 a stream per day.  Good luck with it.  James

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