ScreenFlow 10.0 Released June 22, 2021

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Link to ScreenFlow 10.0 Release Notes


10.0 – Major New Features

What’s New: Animated Title Library-

• Select from a range of beautiful animated lower-third and title card graphics Recording Multiple Audio/Video Sources-

• Multiple camera & microphone devices can now be recorded at the same time Improved camera recording system-

• Significant reductions in file-size and CPU usage during recording & editing Destructive Project Archive–

• Reclaim space by saving your documents with their unused edits removed Redesigned Video Filters Interface-

  • Built-in color effects library and support for importing CLUT (Color Lookup Tables)

  • Automatic background Removal filter

    New Computer Audio Recording System-

  • Apps are now recorded independently, and can be extracted, disabled and remixed

  • Lower latency, including new modes for DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software


10.0 – Improvements & Fixes
● IMPROVED – New implementation of the timeline icon cache, significantly reducing memory and CPU usage
● IMPROVED – Added Clip Enable toggle, allowing the quick disabling of a clip during editing
● IMPROVED – Updated UI on macOS 11 Big Sur
● IMPROVED – Added new “Canvas” Preferences tab, including new snapping and display options
● IMPROVED – Redesigned the front end / recording interface, adding a wizard to help setup OS permissions
● IMPROVED – Added ability to publish chapter markers to YouTube
● IMPROVED – Updated YouTube tag validation
● IMPROVED – Added document presets for Instagram TV (IGTV) and Stories
● IMPROVED – Added light / dark user interface theme selector, independent of OS preference
● IMPROVED – Added context click menu to clips within the canvas
● IMPROVED – Modified Text panel font size selector to use a numerical entry field
● IMPROVED – Clip titles are now always visible in the timeline, regardless of the horizontal scrolling
● IMPROVED – Added a document volume adjustment slider
● IMPROVED – Added a warning if the mouse cursor will be “burnt in” the final screen recording, and therefore non-adjustable during editing
● IMPROVED – Improved performance of playback & export of screen recording content on Apple Silicon hardware
● IMPROVED - Documents are now faster to load in a variety of situations
● IMPROVED – Updated layout of main menu, rationalizing all clip functionality under a new ‘Clip’ menu
● IMPROVED – Added support for recording the screen from a Sidecar device
● IMPROVED - Reworked camera recording system to support a wider range of devices, including virtual camera apps (such as DSLR drivers)
● IMPROVED - Implemented recovery system: if a ScreenFlow recording is terminated expectedly, a prompt will be shown to save to a new location
● IMPROVED – Added mouse cursor smoothing feature, allowing jitter of the mouse pointer to be reduced when editing
● IMPROVED – Added prompts when importing movie files that could benefit from proxy usage to improve editing performance (long GOP content)
● IMPROVED – When using the JKL workflow to scan content quickly, audio will now correctly maintain its pitch during playback


● FIXED – ScreenFlow is more accurate when matching colors between text boxes, annotations and background content
● FIXED – Resolved stability issues that could occur when interrupting timeline playback
● FIXED – Improved relinking across external drives
● FIXED – Proxies will now respect content with alpha channels
● FIXED – Improved general stability with proxy workflows
● FIXED – Fixed issues with AAC & MP3 files getting truncated on import
● FIXED – Restored Imgur publishing support
● FIXED – Resolved a variety of issues that could render a document unable to be saved
● FIXED – Fixed issue preventing chroma key color being selected after a video action is added
● FIXED – Allow YouTube thumbnails to be selected multiple times
● FIXED – Resolved issue suppressing a number of results in the Stock Media Library
● FIXED – Resolved issue with Camo Studio creating very long recordings on Apple Silicon hardware
● FIXED – Corrected gap from microphone devices when resuming recording after a pause
● FIXED – Resolved visual jump on export from text sources when down-scaling from document size
● FIXED – Corrected alignment of multi-channel audio device UI
● FIXED – UI glitch when starting new narration before ending previous narration
● FIXED – Dither option for animated GIF is re-enabled
● FIXED – Marker window will not show markers in correct frame-rate
● FIXED – Resolved recording errors that could occur from using a screen in Airplay mode
● FIXED – Replace media could produce incorrect results when working with documents upgraded from legacy versions of ScreenFlow

Version 10.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interface/user experience enhancements, and improvements to the general stability and performance of the application, that are not able to be listed here.

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