Wirecast 14.3 BETA (June 17, 2021) - ✅ Animated Titles! - RELEASED 10/4/2021

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(See end of this post for links to the latest 14.x builds - in case you want to roll back)

Be sure to post your feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread

Disclaimer: Please be reminded, this is a BETA version. We are still testing it and working out some of the bugs. We don't recommend you use this in critical broadcasts. 


Hello Wirecast Streamers!

We are excited to share Wirecast 14.3 Beta! Please test it out, and give us your feedback! 

As always, we appreciate your feedback (good and bad) on this. Please post any feedback in the Beta Discussion Thread.

A few highlights of this release:

  • New Animated Title Engine: A new library of over 25 customizable, animated titles. Note: You can still access the legacy static titles by selecting "View Deprecated Sources" option in the upper right corner of the Add Source dialog box.
  • New Media Playback controls: Now you can play, pause and scrub media clips that are in Live window.
  • New Secondary Display Live Output Audio mapping: Thanks to Roope Berg for this feature request for 14.2. You can now map audio tracks for Secondary Display Output   

As I always say, we can't possibly test every workflow and device that exist in the world. So, we really appreciate you putting 14.3 through its paces in your own workflow and reporting any issues (or delightful surprises) you find in the Beta Discussion Thread

Below, (and linked above) are the full the release notes in case you really want to geek out.  And be sure to read the KNOWN ISSUES below the release notes.

As always, thank you!

Here are the goods!


Wirecast BETA 14.3 

New & Improved:

  • New! Title Engine – New library of animated titles! Choose from over 25 (with more on the way!) high quality, customizable animated titles. Add your logo, change colors and fonts, and adjust timing of animations. 
  • New! Media Playback in Live window: Play, pause and scrub media clips while they are Live.  
  • New! Secondary Display Live Output Audio mapping: New ability to map Audio Tracks to Secondary Display Live Output. 
  • Improved: Countdown Clock additions: Added 60+minute display in Countdown Clock. 
  • Improved: Media File location: Now you can access the original file location of a media file from the context menu on the Shot Layers tab. 
  • Improved: Wirecast virtual microphone monitoring on Windows: We now really do allow monitoring of Wirecast Virtual Microphone audio on Windows 10. 
  • Improved: In/Out point selection: Now you have text fields to precisely edit in & out point times of media. 
  • Improved: Trace Logs: For better information when diagnosing issues. 
  • Updated: AVFoundation Sources: Made fundamental changes to the way we bring in AVFoundation sources on Mac which was important to enable future improvements. 


  • WIRE-18976: Renamed old Title sources to Title (Legacy) (Note: you can find these under Deprecated Sources in the Add Source dialog window). 
  • WIRE-18945: Audio Mixer Audio Track selection is now saved. 
  • WIRE-18940: Wirecast no longer moves to a different monitor when Maximized->Minimized->Maximized on Windows OS. 
  • WIRE-18934: Shortcuts assigned to number now work on numpad again. 
  • WIRE-18890: Blackmagic SDI Input configuration will no longer get locked after switching from Automatic to Manual. 
  • WIRE-18878: Made iOS video capture on Apple Silicon and Mac work better. 
  • WIRE-18850: PTZ Preset Recall will now work more reliably when using a Playlist. 
  • WIRE-18813: Audio capture on Mac can now support various sample rates from the audio driver. 
  • WIRE-18811: The ticker collecting bandwidth statistics now stops after a Rendezvous session is disconnected. 
  • WIRE-18789: Now you can use PTZ controls with more than one Sony X-series PTZ camera in your document. 
  • WIRE-18758: We added a proxy image to let you know that you have overly HUGE files, and we are automatically downsizing them to a more appropriate size. This will only happen the first time you open an existing document. 
  • WIRE-18754: Upgraded to WebRTC to 4430 (m90) 
  • WIRE-18751: Fixed Window Screen Capture on Mac where in some instances it was unable to follow window changes. 
  • WIRE-18721: Fixed an issue where you couldn't activate a license if you had no internet connection. 
  • WIRE-18717: Transitioning between a shot with an audio source and a playlist with media no longer removes any of the Audio FX settings. 
  • WIRE-18692: MOV and MP4 recordings no longer have incorrect file creation date. 
  • WIRE-18679: Encoder preset dimensions now continue to update even after invalid dimensions are provided. 
  • WIRE-18659: Updated to work better in situations where we detect an audio sample rate that is different than what the source is telling us they are delivering. (This was particularly true for AVIPAS PTZ cameras) 
  • WIRE-18657: When you drag a shot onto another shot, now a warning message will appear giving you the option to 'cancel' or 'create' a playlist. 
  • WIRE-18634: Now, when you add media, you will be shown the location of your last imported media file. 
  • WIRE-18613: Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting an output destination. 
  • WIRE-18547: Fixed a crash when opening certain MPEG-4 Version 3 files. 
  • WIRE-18369: We reimplemented the ability to stream to Facebook using the Device Pairing workflow (which lets you stream to Facebook using a one-time stream key, rather than having to sign into a Facebook account) 
  • WIRE-17978: We now let you save your document when you have so many unused sources that need to be deleted, it takes up all the available window real estate. 
  • WIRE-17843: When switching back and forth to a playlist tab all your layers will retain their sizes. 
  • WIRE-17691: Update Facebook API to v10.0. 
  • WIRE-16880: Fixed an issue in Rendezvous where if browser didn't send any video, we would not send audio. 
  • WIRE-10914: Collect user data mode crash dumps on Windows. 


  • WIRE-18942: When using Quicksync encoding, Black lines will appear at the bottom of video output when the primary GPU is set to the Intel GPU. NOTE: This will affect Wirecast Gear 310 & 320. A fix is forthcoming - but be advised this is a known issue with this release
  • WIRE-18978/18979: There are some known animation issues when using the new animated Titles in Playlists.
  • WIRE-18573: Mainconcept H.264 encoder is not supported on M1 systems.  

  • WIRE-18572: Unicast and Multicast Outputs are not supported on M1 systems.  



Here are quick links you can use to roll back to the latest released build:

Links to the Wirecast 14.x installers:




Or visit our Download page to find installers for previous builds: https://dynamic.telestream.net/downloads/download-wirecast.asp?prodid=wirecast

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