Make VU meters better and consistent

Can I add a request to make the VU meters in Wirecast more usable:

  1. They are not consistent – currently the main UI meters are completely different to the multiview meters – it would be better if they were both the same style
  2. The main UI meters are not great for actually metering – I get that they have a log scale – but it is too literally log and not useful for getting your audio in the sweet spot (I would say roughly -12 to -6dB for most streaming applications). A better representation would be something similar to the meters in FCPx (see attached picture). These are still log, but a better scale to have usable visual metering in the -12dB to 0dB range. Essentially the vertical distance between -6dB and 0dB needs to be less.
  3. The multi-view meters need work too – The colours are not useful in the current arrangement. The scale is good. But they should represent different ranges for each colour: Green <18dB; Yellow 18db-0db; Red 0dB and above). Currently they are showing red when the audio is nowhere near clipping. They are however, a little clunky in design – I'd prefer a visual style similar to the main UI or FCPx.



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