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Why do these things always happen on a weekend?

I'm running the latest SF on a MacBook Pro 16"  with a 32" external monitor.

I have multiple "desktops" on the external monitor.

I was setting up a recording of an Excel spreadsheet on the external monitor, and swiped back to the SF screen on another desktop to check the current content, then went back to the original desktop, chose the screen area, and did a recording.  When I selected to Stop the recording, the save dialogue appeared on my laptop screen, which is where I noticed the "Click to select a capture region on this screen" message was for some reason still displayed.  The recording dave dialogue was a bit behind it.  I could not chose any save options, but I was able to close the options window using a carriage return, so my recording would apparently appear in my Media.

But then I noticed when I went to the SF desktop, that it had the screen area selection "marching ants", and the Quit "X"/Record/Area button at the bottom!

I can't get the selection area dialogue to close and go away on the SF desktop of the external monitor, and I can't do anything on the laptop monitor, because the "Click to select a capture..." dialogue won't go away from there.  I can't get any menu or dock items to react on the effected screens.  Fortunately I have other desktops on the external monitor, so I can run stuff from there...

Anyone run into this before, or have any ideas?  I don't know how much work I will lose if I force a quit (although SF has been pretty good at recovering data before).

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  • I've managed to solve this... even though the menus were non-responsive, the shortcut keys still worked, so I saved the work using Cmd-S (then checked the Finder to ensure the document had just been saved) then did a force quit.  I've restarted SF and all is well.

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      JOHN HOWARD Odd. It would be interesting to know if there were repeatable steps to get you into that strange state.

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