Wirecast transition problems


I have a problem with transitions. I want to be able to choose to have "smooth" transitions in some cases and "cut" in some cases. Since there is only one general way to chose transition I have set this to smooth so this is the default of the whole setup. 

I want to have direct cut transition between cameras only. I am using three cameras with a greenscreen chromakey on all of them and then a background image that slightly varies depending on the shots. This is an interview setup. 

To enable direct cut between these even though the default is set to smooth transition I go into the menu of each shot and turn of transitions. This works for the background image but not for the camera. For some reason the camera image stays a sekond or two after I have changed shot. then it disappears. 

You can see on the video above what I am trying to create and the problem. I want graphics, images and text to be smooth but not change between camera angles. 

Do you have any solution to this problem? 


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