Jerky volleyball video

Last night I was doing a volleyball game and a couple of people on the chat said that the video quality was not good when I was panning my camera (a JVC GY-HC250 sports model). Of course, everything looked good on my streaming computer, so I checked on a chromebook, and it wasn't good. I thought it was more a problem with jerky video, although the viewers seemed to indicate it was more of a focus problem. I watched the game this morning, and movement was noticeably jerky on a well-endowed desktop computer as well. Video saved to the camera's memory card looks just fine.

My streaming computer had a new motherboard, i7 CPU and memory put in about a year ago. (I'm not in the school right now, and don't remember the exact specs). CPU usage is usually in the 20s to 35% or so. Looking back at video from 2 years ago doesn't show the same problem, although I'm not sure that I was using this same computer)

Encoder settings were set for 1920x1080p 60fps, 6.8 mbs (one of the recommended pre-sets). 

I thought it might be because of Youtube reducing quality because of the extra bandwidth demand because of Covid, but looking at other local webcasts, their video is crystal clear.

Any suggestions as to what I need to do to fix this? (besides buying a new computer)

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  • Jerel Peterson said:
    Encoder settings were set for 1920x1080p 60fps,

     Was the camera sending 60fps?
    Was your capture card set to handle 60fps?
    Was Wirecast Preferences Advanced Video Display Rate set to 60fps?
    How does your recording on the local drive from Wirecast look?
    Was your upload bandwidth tested at double at about 15mbps up just before live streaming?

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