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Hi there,

We're stuck in a loop when trying to enable audio capture on Desktop Presenter in Big Sur.  It runs the installation for the audio driver, then never enables the checkbox. If we check it again, it tries to install the driver again.

Are we missing something obvious? I'm assuming this is similar to the Audio capture driver issues with Wirecast on Big Sur but have they not been address in Desktop Presenter yet?


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  • Wirecast 14.0.4 isn't fully compatible with Big Sur yet. Apple is ending support for the .kext that the audio driver uses. I believe we no longer include it in the release version of Wirecast 14 for that reason.

    We're using a new audio driver in Wirecast 14.1 Public Beta which you're welcome to try. 

    • CraigS I'm having the same issue - where do I get the Public Beta driver?

    • Lucas Farnum Actually - I'm not sure that's the solution for me.  I'm trying to capture desktop to 2017 iMac and the capture audio button doesn't work.  It keeps trying to install over and over.  I'm not running Wirecast on that iMac so I'm not sure that would help.

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      Lucas Farnum Wirecast 14 doesn't include an audio driver on new installs Wirecast 14.1 Beta does include the new driver so it may be the solution. Wirecast 14.1 Beta is here. Give it a try.

    • CraigS Thanks!  I gave it a shot - but still no dice.  Is there a beta of Desktop Presenter perhaps?

  • Lucas Farnum said:
    Is there a beta of Desktop Presenter perhaps?


    Are you using Desktop Presenter to capture locally on the Wirecast computer?
    If so, you should be using Screen Capture.
    Desktop Presenter is actually Remote Desktop Presenter, meant for capture of other machines on the network and doesn't have the new driver.

    • I’m using Wirecast (now 14.1) on a new M1 MBP.    The beta solved the local system audio problem I thought I was going to have to buy a USB thingy for.  

      The Remote Desktop problem I’m having is on my old 2017 iMac.  I want to bring in a separate computer to manage all the open windows and not tax the local machine

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