Virtual Microphone on Zoom


Looking to see what went wrong when trying to set up my studio to stream to Zoom through Wirecast.


issue is around the virtual microphone as everything else seems to be working properly.


i have followed all proper steps to get video showing on zoom as well as to be able to hear the zoom meeting in Wirecast. 

However, when I select virtual microphone on zoom settings, it doesn’t show anythIng coming through and my participants are not able to hear the me or sound coming out of Wirecast. 

the only way they would be able to hear me currently is if I select my mic (usb blue yeti) in the zoom settings..but obviously this elmiminates the ability to hear anything else within Wirecast.


i have searched the internet and can’t seem to figure out what is missing. I’ve done the proper steps.


Any help or guidance would be appreciated. 

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  • I'd like to help but you must provide technical information. Wirecast version must be 14.0.4 and Zoom should be 5.4.4. Please confirm the versions and post back. Please include your OS version as well. You should explain how you have set up audio in Wirecast and confirmed audio out. It's not clear that you can confirm audio out of Wirecast and that you've started Virtual Camera and Virtual Mic.

  • We are having a similar issue with the Virtual Microphone output and sending it to Zoom.

    We are sending the Wirecast video to Facebook Live and also using the "Virtual Output 720p and Virtual Microphone" to send to Zoom.

    The audio stops going to Zoom if we make changes to titles or import other media assets into the project.

    We have found that we need to create a new project to get the audio to pass through to Zoom again.

    Audio is present on Facebook live the whole time. 


    We have the following system:

    Lenovo Think Centre with an i7 processor
    Windows version is Windows 10 Pro, version 1909

    Wirecast, 14.0.4

    Zoom: 5.3.1
    Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder

    We are using a Allen & Heath ZEDi10 with USB output to take audio from the sound system and into Wirecast.


    Any help and direction is much appreciated.

  • Gary Dixon said:
    Zoom: 5.3.1

     Zoom has many updates since that version. Please stay current as it can certainly impact Virtual MIc. The current version of Zoom is now 5.4.6. Please update and test again.

    Please also read our Knowledge Base article about Zoom, Virtual Mic and Monitoring on Windows.

  • Thank you for the prompt reply.  

    My concern is that in that Zoom 5.3.1 when the audio stops working from Wirecast we have been able to switch to the USB audio from the ZEDi10 and Zoom picks up that audio.  The Virtual Microphone audio does not work in Zoom  (We do play media files from Wirecast with audio - this is why we want the virtual microphone to work).

    We will update the Zoom software and reply with our findings.

    Thank you,

  • Gary Dixon said:
    We will update the Zoom software and reply with our findings.

     Thank you for doing that. 
    VIrtual Mic does work with the most recent versions of Zoom in our testing. 

  • Hello Craig,

    We also noticed in the Audio Mixer screen that the audio interface was set to system default - so we adjusted this to Speakers(Wirecast Virtual Microphone Driver) and also we have updated to the latest version of Zoom and all seems to be working as desired.


    Thank you for your help,

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      Gary Dixon Great to hear. You're welcome of course.

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