Beta 2 - Experience Report


I read with interest the list of fixed items in Beta 2, and I was initially very hopeful that this would be the one. Unfortunately, I was hit in the face by reality. I will below document my experience.

  1. PRE-BROADCAST: Created rendezvous event. Remote guest clicked connect. I clicked accept. His end never got the accept message. I saw black screen and no audio, he got spinning circle. RESOLUTION: Stop and reconnect to the rendezvous session, and it was fixed. ROOT CAUSE: Unknown
  2. START BROADCAST: I sent to three destinations: Local recording, youtube, and a custom RTMP. For an unknown reason, the youtube broadcast did not accept my settings to go to a custom event, and instead used the "live now". RESOLUTION: Mid broadcast, I manually stopped the "live now", reconfigured, and then started against the correct event. ROOT CAUSE: The whole youtube event selection process has always been buggy, and this continues in this version. The API calls that Wirecast is sending to youtube are broken. Its that simple. By sending the API calls the way that this happens now, the GUI takes sometimes 30 seconds or more to refresh when selecting menu items. This whole area needs to be re-written.
  3. GUEST AUDIO: During broadcast, the guest I had join (mentioned above) was audible in my headphones in the rendezvous dashboard. However, audio from this guest did not make it to air. Even when the guest was configured correctly in shots, his audio did not go to air. I added a second guest, configured identically. His audio went to air. It feels like this may be related to #1 above, but that is only a guess. RESOLUTION: During the broadcast, I set rendezvous dashboard to built in output speakers, and that audio came back in via my mic, and went to air. Totally unacceptable. ROOT CAUSE: Unknown, but may be related to #1
  4. SHUTDOWN: Wirecast CRASHED. As soon as I tried to exit, it was beach balling, and unresponsive. The root cause is likely to be some error related to Rendezvous and/or audio as described above. RESOLUTION: This version of Wirecast is unstable for users of rendezvous. This was a clean test, with reset preferences and all of that junk before starting, yet it still ended tragically. Yes, I will provide a dump file to Support.

For reference, there are two videos below. Firstly, the video (which incorrectly went to live now instead of an event), and the re-started event video. These are unlisted videos elsewhere, but are provided here in the hope it provides insight to the absolute frustration experienced. NOTE: The workflow was IDENTICAL to my regular production from a Wirecast perspective.

Conclusion: This software appears to have not been tested before beta release. This is a very basic workflow, resulting in more crashes. Yes, it is beta, but that is no excuse for omitting even basic functional testing.

Video 1: https://youtu.be/FFcJETTMRyU

Video 2: https://youtu.be/NPRJ7hGdjjM

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    • Greg Kuhnert
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    • Greg_Kuhnert
    • 2 yrs ago
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    It's been a week since this report. I was preparing for my weekly broadcast today, and thought I'd test it since I had not received any workaround.

    Startup process:

    1. Preferences reset. This is part of my regular process. So many forum posts over the years suggest this is a good idea. I actually think its a bad idea. If there is an issue, it hides problems without ever identifying the root cause. But by doing this, I can say I followed the standard vendor troubleshooting. Every time.
    2. Open a document. This is a clean document that has never been used for broadcast, with no inputs in it. Template document only. Not that this is relevant, because I think the problem is elsewhere.
    3. Open rendezvous dashboard
    4. Create a session
    5. Change input to a different camera to the one that was selected by default
    6. Set audio input and output to specified devices.
    7. Share rendezvous session link to remote guest via skype
    8. Guest attempts to connect. My end, I accept. His end, he still sees spinning circle waiting to connect. I see black screen for video, and no audio.
    9. We speak via Skype - and confirm the problem. I disconnect that individual guest. (Last time, I disconnected and reconnected the entire rendezvous session).
    10. He tries again, with the same result.
    11. I shutdown wirecast, and it crashes. Core dump will be provided to Telestream in a ticket.

    Team: This beta version is un-usable. I have reverted to the previous production version. Again, I ask the question - is rendezvous part of your functional testing before releasing a beta?

    Todays case reference: #00708749

  • Greg Kuhnert Hi - thank you so much for continuing to check out the betas and for your on-going feedback.  It's super valuable and everyone here at Telestream appreciates it.

    We did a lot of "under the hood" work in Wirecast 13.1 that is laying the groundwork for some exciting stuff in the future.  This has caused some issues with Rendezvous in the beta versions (production / release versions should not be affected).

    We're continuing to work furiously behind the scenes to improve the app.

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    • Greg Kuhnert
    • wirecast.community
    • Greg_Kuhnert
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Simon Clarke - Your voice is a breath of fresh air. We all love it when we hear the voice of engineers.

    All joking aside, all of your clients want Telestream to be successful. Our use of your product depends on it.

    On a personal level, I am happy to validate that your proposed fix does indeed resolve this issue. I know there have been previous issues that were reported in beta that escaped into production. Please, work with interested parties to make sure this type of issue is nailed once and for all.


    • George E. Kennedy, Jr
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    • gekjr
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Simon Clarke Great to see you in the forum, also excellent to see Rendezvous getting some needed love. 
    beyond everything thing else I think the community want this feature to work. Peer to Peer is becoming a big tool for me. 
    The SKYPE, GotoMeeting, and all the other work arounds are messy. Hope to see you at NAB.

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