ISO Recording of Screen Capture - Black Box Recorder

In a perfect world, black boxes would never be required. In aviation, the impact of a disaster justifies having a "black box recorder" that will allow replay of the last moments before a crash.

With Wirecast, we have the support info files. But many times, we are asked by support "What was the last thing you did before the crash". Wouldn't it be great if there was an option (especially when working with beta versions) to enable screen recording to disk.

As I started to think about this, I first was thinking of an external app to do the recording. But the challenge is that this takes up more CPU and memory. And its an extra step before starting wirecast that could conflict. Could it be done in Wirecast.

Then, I thought what about setting up a screen recording as an input source, and sending to an ISO recording, together with an audio input. That would do exactly what I wanted. But there was one issue. Screen capture is not available as an input to ISO recording. So, this is my feature request.

User Story

As a Wirecast user, I want to do ISO recordings from a screen capture input, so that I can have a forensic recording of what happened on my system immediately before a Wirecast crash which will assist in finding the root cause of bugs which impact my use of Wirecast.

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