Titler Live Removing Titles

Anyone else experiencing this one?


I've added a few titles, run through the scenes and everything is fine.

At some point, I go back to the scene and there's no title appearing. I click the asset and launch Titler Live and the lower 3rd is no longer assigned inside of Titler Live. I have to re-add the title.


Mac Catalina 10.15.6 (whatever the latest is)

WC 13.2 (whatever the latest is)

TL4 (whatever the latest is)

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  • CraigS said:
    Timeline may depend on NewBlueFX's response. It is their app and their SDK so they control those.

    I've found the issue for me anyway, and it is connected to new behaviour in Wirecast.

    Titler Live when using NDI as a source will activate a title on transition of a tally light on the NDI feed.  I confirmed using packet capture analysis that Wirecast is re-initiating a tally light status on all layers where NDI sources live on shot transitions, even if the NDI source is not on a layer where there is a transition.

    The fix is simple. We need to get Wirecast to only send NDI tally light changes for NDI sources on layers that are part of a transition, and to NOT send any updates for NDI sources that are not transitioning. This is the way it worked in earlier versions. This will fix the symptoms relating to Titler live.


  • I've dug further into the issue. Here's the summary of my digging.

    As per earlier comments, Wirecast changed behaviour in how it is signaling to Titler over NDI. Previously, the message (which use tally lights) were only triggered on state change of a shot with a Titler live NDI shot. In this version of Wirecast, it now sends commands over NDI which cause titler live to trigger titles even when changing something on another layer.

    Now here's the punch line. In my own case, I had a large number of titles. I normally control all this from Titler Live (no interaction in Wirecast). When things started behaving unpredictably, I was puzzled as to how to proceed. While this is still a wirecast bug, I have a workaround.

    I had long wondered why some of the titles in my list were playing and others were not randomly when this happened. Below are two different screenshots of how titles can appear in Titler Live. If you have the one with the down arrow, this will cause it to advance to the next title in the list with the same setting each time a title is selected. This is the annoying behaviour.

    The workaround: Change all titles to the setting with the 3 dots... and make sure to activate and de-activate your titler live shot in Wirecast at least once before broadcast. That will prevent it from continually activating and de-activating the titles randomly throughout a broadcast.

    One last point: THIS IS A WORKAROUND - NOT A FIX. Wirecast should NOT be altering tally indication settings for one layer, whenever a transition happens on another layer. Depending on how you control titler live, it can still fire titles randomly if you're cueing a title at the same time as your wirecast operator switches a scene on another layer. This just needs to be fixed.


  • Oh. And one more thing. The behaviour of Wirecast resetting tally status incorrectly is inconsistent. I was packet capturing the data from Wirecast to the remote Titler live computer, and I could see the updates were not always happening. There is probably a cause/trigger in Wirecast that is causing the erratic behaviour, but I am yet to isolate it.

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      Greg Kuhnert Please post this SUCCINCTLY in the non Beta forum. Confirming you're using Wirecast 14.0.1

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