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Where is the best place to get support for the Titler Live integration with Wirecast 8? I have sent numerous support request emails to New Blue but haven't received a response. 

My issue I'm having is in integrating Facebook Live comments into the stream. I have watched the tutorial videos and read the posts. I must be missing something simple. I cannot get the option to paste the URL of the Facebook stream (as outlined in tutorials) to appear. I instead get this message with instructions that leave me more confused (see attached). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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  • We did our own tutorial on Titler Live Facebook integration. See if this helps.
    Perhaps compare the steps to those in the tutorial so we can see which step is the "fail point."

  • CraigS ... watched this 2 dozen times. Followed it step by step. Still have the fail pop up screen appear.

  • Michael Thorne Are you getting the Social option on the Input tab?


  • CraigS ... I am. I choose that it asks me to sign into Facebook. I click to do so. I get a message "Done" and then that error attached above appears.

  • CraigS ... Here is a video I sent to New Blue ... but haven't received a response.

  • Michael Thorne Thanks. That video is exactly what I need. 
    Granted it doesn't look exactly like the tutorial but the video URL would go hear (red oval).

    That may not explain the error message though. It's possible it's not seeing any title in the New Blue playlist.

    You can try quitting out of the browser window and re-adding a title to the playlist.

    I will note that I just experienced the same thing as you and adding a title to the playlist fixed it.


  • Thanks  CraigS ! Is there any way I can find out where/ how / what it means to add a title to a playlist. I've scoured the internet with no luck. Thanks!

  • Michael Thorne You'd add the Facebook Video link. It would be the link to your Facebook live post specifically.

    For example: Schedule a Facebook Live Event. The upcoming stream post appears in the Facebook Page Timeline. You use that link.

    This is one from CNN for example.

  • CraigS  ... I got that part.

    You wrote ... "You can try quitting out of the browser window and re-adding a title to the playlist.
    I will note that I just experienced the same thing as you and adding a title to the playlist fixed it."

    How do I do that? I've spent hours looking. I must be missing something super simple. I'm good (usually) at this techy stuff.

    Is this a step in Wirecast? Titler?

    BTW ... I'm sorry I'm not getting this.

  • Michael Thorne We don't have a well documented step by step.

    Delete the Title in the Playlist and add it again.



  • This is how it should work.
    Add Title.
    Select Social
    Log into Facebook
    Add URL
    Comments appear

    Not shown in the video (because it works for me now)
    Close your browser tab that you logged to Facebook with
    Delete the Title.
    Add the Title Again
    Select Social again
    Log into Facebook again.

  • Thanks  CraigS  ... but that didn't work! I wish I could get some support from New Blue.

  • Michael Thorne Try the following:
    In your browser go to Facebook > Settings > Apps and look for NewBlueFX and delete it. Log out and then log back in to your Facebook account in the browser.

    On your Computer:
    Create a New User Admin account
    Reboot the computer and log into the new account.
    Start Wirecast and in the new blank document, add the Titler Live Shot and go through the steps again in Titler Live to access Facebook.
    This should give you fresh Account, fresh Wirecast, fresh NewBluFX settings and give NewFlueFX access to your Facebook account again.

  • Here you go ... 

  • CraigS see video above. Did all of that with no luck at all.

  • Michael Thorne Are you sure you deleted the NewBlueFX App on Facebook? It shouldn't auto login like that. You should have to give permission and/or type in your Facebook login.

    You need to delete the Titler after the error is thrown.

    Please make sure you delete the App on Facebook. I'll explain if you need help with that.

  • CraigS ... I have deleted the app. I recorded this before I received those instructions. I did go back and did all the steps you explained.

    Not sure what "Create a New User Admin account" is. 

  • CraigS ... Still haven't heard a peep from New Blue. I've sold thousands of Telestream products over the years as I teach video throughout the real estate industry in North America. Just would love to have someone respond on this issue ... and another outstanding issue since I upgraded to Wirecast 8.

  • Michael Thorne said:
    Not sure what "Create a New User Admin account" is. 

    I can't speak for NewBlueFX but I'm certainly here to help.                                                            
     In System Preferences Users and Groups Create another Admin Account. 
    In my computer I have two Admins, a standard account, a guest account.
    Create a New User Admin here.
    Testing in the new account will tell us if the issue is user or system based.


  • CraigS  ...

    Set up a new user ... now in Wirecast Facebook Live is not an option in the social drop down. 

  • CraigS  ... Is there an avenue for this issue to be resolved more quickly? Is this forum the best option? I see this taking weeks.

  • Michael Thorne Submit a ticket to us as well and we'll give NewBlueFX a push.
    Since I saw it and it cleared up I suspect some file needs to be overwritten but I don't want to speculate without NewBlueFX's input.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • CraigS ... I submitted a ticket to Telestream days ago ... their response was "Not our problem".

    The last and only time I heard a response from New Blue on the two tickets I have in with them was on Monday. I've reached out to them everyday since.

    I am very frustrated with the support I've received ... especially since I'm such a big evangelist for the company on stage through out North America.

  • Michael Thorne Sorry about your experience with NewBlueFX
    Try calling them
    Phone: (619) 637-3117 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time UTC-8)

  • Michael Thorne Regarding not seeing Social in the new account, try using your NewBlue Activation code in NewBlue Application Manger in that account. Their activation code may be user specific rather than system wide. I noticed I didn't see the option until entering the activation code as well.

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