Floating Icons v. Grid

In each layer, I would like to have the icons "float".   I do not want to have the icons "snap" beside another icon. Because I am working with Middle School students, I sometimes need to group the shot icons (not only in a row, but a column within a layer).     I may want a space between shot icons.

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  • That's an interesting idea. Sort a visual grouping. I can see problems though if they don't lock to a group (horizontal or vertical) having variable distances it could be visual mess. Wouldn't groups still have to be obvious in some fashion?

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  • Locking to a grid, but allowing us to have a space between the icons would be fine.  I understand the "visual mess".  The space can be the same space as a shot would take up.  

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  • This feature would be amazing especially when you have multiple PTZ recall shots on one layer for multiple cameras. This would allow you to group your shots by type but still keep them on the same layer.
    Also it might be nice if you could maybe add a grouping box. Perhaps think of this like sub-layers or categories for each layer. So say on layer x you have 3 primary sources with multiple copies that each have different settings or PTZ recalls ect.. you could add a right click menu that says add to layer group x-1,x-2,x-3  and so on or have an option in the "+" menu to add a group to the layer and you can then drag shots to the group each group could also have a Name.

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  • Kevin Amos Schmuhl Certainly fill out the form and make the feature request with an explanation why you'd want it. Developers always want workflow examples.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS Case/feature request #00630107 filed.

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